Alpinestars Supertech R V2 Boots ::

Alpinestars Supertech R V2 Boots


  • External TPU shin protection wraps around to outer calf.
  • Replaceable nylon heel plate slider.
  • Hook and loop zip pull lock.
  • Micro adjustable ratchet top closure.
  • Lightweight rubber compound sole.
  • CE EN13634:2017.
  • Microfiber upper construction.
  • Soft TPU and mesh front flex area.
  • Full-length suede microfiber panel on inner side of the boot.
  • Heel and shin ventilation.
  • Internal bio-mechanical ankle brace.

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Sizing Information

The overall fit/size of this new style seems “true” to their published size chart (see below), so if you are comfortable with a certain size from previous boots, then choose the same size. I’d consider the width of the men’s sizes to be normal to slightly wide (D or E).

The inner laces on this boot allow for very welcome adjustability of the fit of this style through the instep of the boot. I like it!

Euro Men’s US Women’s US
36 3.5 5
37 4 6
38 5 7
39 6 8
40 6.5 8.5
41 7.5 9
42 8 10
43 9 11
44 9.5 11.5
45 10.5 -
46 11.5 -
47 12 -
48 12.5 -
49 13.5 -
50 14.5 -

Our Two Cents

The Alpinestars Supertech v2 Boots are an update on the best selling racing boot for 2021.

These boots have just about everything you’d want in a racing good, plus they’re comfortable! You get all the protection you would expect including a stiffened shank, TPU shifter, TPU shin, and TPU/aluminum toe slider. The inner bootie comes out so you can get it on comfortably and then put the boot on. This bootie keeps limits your ankle’s movement in a crash and is pretty heavy duty while still feeling very comfortable. The boot itself has a full zip opening on the lateral side (outside), this would normally be a complaint point for me as the medial (inside) zippers are easier to reach when you’re geared up (and not as in shape as a sportbike racer, haha) but these are easy enough to zip up. The cuff of the boot also has some grippy material (silicon?) so they’ll help keep your pant leg in the boot.

Offered in standard and vented options, these boots are a must have for track days. Sportbike riders will love the comfort and safety they provide and honestly I could see someone wearing these on less aggressive motorcycles as well. They may seem pricey, but you’re paying for years of Alpinestars R&D and racing experience. It shows when you try a pair on for yourself. These boots are built to take a pounding and keep your lower parts connected with the rest of you. :: Mike, 10/7/21

Note Our detailed photos are of the Supertech R V2 Vented boot which has perforations in the leather. This version of the boot does not have the perforations. Take the link below if you are looking for the Supertech R V2 Vented boots.

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