TCX SP-Master WP Boots ::

TCX SP-Master WP Boots (SOLD OUT)

  • Soft touch microfiber upper
  • Front and rear padded areas increase comfort
  • Upper gaiter wraps around calf
  • Waterproof lining
  • PU Ankle Retention System
  • PU heel guard
  • Ergonomic shin plate reinforcement with iron mesh air intakes
  • PU shift pad integrated in the upper
  • Interchangeable PU toe slider
  • Elastic zipper allows easier fastening
  • Wide VELCRO® brand closure band
  • Anatomical and replaceable footbed
  • Mono compound, ultra-light rubber sole with differentiated grip
  • CE certified

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Sizing Information

We find TCX boots to be very consistent in fit from one model to the next. We checked this boot and it too is consistent with other models. To choose a size, please click here to see the TCX size chart. The general width of TCX is “medium” or D to E. To compare to other brands you may have experience with, I’d say the overall fit is somewhere between a Sidi boot which is generally a bit more narrow and an Alpinestars boot which has a more generous width.

Our Two Cents

TCX SP-Master boots are new for 2018. These boots are sport oriented street boots with many features found on race boots. They’ll be great for street/sport, sport touring or even amateur race days. Five different versions are available.

Choose the version of the SP-Master boot for your climate. Each version if listed on its own product page because of feature/pricing differences. Below is a rundown to help you choose the boot for you. Find all the version in our boots departments or just click here to see them listed from a name search:

SP-Master (the basic boot) – A solid upper boot, non-waterproof and all black.

SP-Master for Women: The same basic boot as the men’s but with a “last” which is formulated for women to give a better fit, and of course in a smaller size range than men’s.

SP Master Air – Same as the SP-Master basic boot but with a perforated foot to allow max air flow. Buy these if you plan to ride in hot weather often

SP-Master WP – Same as the basic boot but with an integral waterproof liner. Geared toward street and sport touring riders who see significant rain on the road. The WP liner adds about thirty bucks to the price.

SP-Master GTX – The basic boot plus a genuine Gore-Tex waterproof liner. Gore-Tex outperforms the “house” liner in breathability and waterproofing. Its for those who frequently ride in rain and want the maximum breathability they can get in a waterproof riding boot. The GoreTex lined boot is about $70 more than the base boot and about $40 more than the WP version.

I think this boot will be ideal for street and sport touring riders primarily… its a sport profile with a slim toe box and thin sole which is needed to shift sport bikes. More clunky boots just won’t work well with the more close quarters around a sport bike’s pegs and shifter. Sport touring bikes tend to be set up this way as well. The styling and shaft of the boots can work with either pants over or pants tucked in. The boots are easy-on and off with the zip side (almost all boots like this are set up this way). The insides of the boots are lined with plushy and breathable fabric that will wear a long time. The boots are flexible enough and will break in to be comfortable for walking when off the bike. I don’t think I’d recommend touring the mall in them, but they’ll work for most people’s purposes.

The boots are reinforced in the toe box are and around the heel and they have other protectors on the sides of the ankles and shin, and also toe sliders that add more impact and abrasion protection than standard street boots. And these are all characteristics you’d find on full-on race boots. BUT, these boots lack the mechanical stiffening features you find on racing boots. Those are the parts, usually on the outsides of the boots that help prevent side-to side and front to back hyper-flextion which are the frequent causes of injury on the race track. Those features on a race boot makes the boot more protective, but also less comfortable and practical for street use. So this boot, having very good protective feature, but without the race-boot features makes them a great choice for off-track sport riding of all kinds.

I’m a fan of TCX boots because of the consistent fit and quality we see across their line of boots. And for the quality level, I think they are very fairly priced. We RARELY see warranty issues with TCX… they are just a nice product. If these boots fit your riding style, then I’d recommend them! :: Paul, 01-10-18