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Speed and Strength Dark Horse Boots (SOLD OUT)


  • Combined premium leather and synthetic upper
  • Molded internal toe, heel and ankle reinforcements
  • Under Cover lacing system
  • Reinforced toe shifter pad
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

We tried on a sampling of these shoes and thought the fit was true to the stated size. If anything, they’re a bit on the shorter side, so if you are between sizes, I’d advise you to choose larger. The width is “normal” or “D”. Take the “View Larger Images” link above to see the height measurements.

Our Two Cents

Speed and Strength Dark Horse boots are an all-purpose casual riding boot. They have the general look of a work boot. The color combo is sharp I think.

Notice how the boot laces are set up. On the outside of the boot it has normal eyelets but the opposite side has shielded eyelets. The shielded kind are a safety enhancement because it is less likely the laces would be abraded in a fall and slightly less likely you’d catch the laces on the mechanics of your bike. Why they’l only do half that way is probably more for styling reasons than anything. Lots of boots just have standard exposed laces, so I guess this set up is better than all being exposed??

Anyway, the heel cup and toe box feel pretty well reinforced. And the sole has good stiffness. On each side of the ankle are a couple areas of padding but I can’t feel any sort of integrated armor piece. The neck of the boot is well padded, so they shouldn’t be digging in around the tops.

We sell generally higher quality boots like this in other brands, such as REVIT, but of course they are more money. So for the price, they seem like reasonable quality and they have a nice look as well. :: Paul, 03-05-18