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Icon Joker WP Boots (SOLD OUT)

  • Full grain leather construction
  • 100% waterproof
  • D3O ankle inserts
  • YKK waterproof rear-entry zippers
  • Tested and Certified to Standard 13634:2015

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

These boots fit us just about right as compared to the stated size, so I’d advise you to buy the size you normally wear. I’d estimate the width as “C” or “D” or medium. If you are between sizes, I’d suggest choosing the larger.

The shaft of this boot is not adjustable like boots with a side zipper and Velcro closure at the top. If you have larger than average calves, this is probably not a good boot choice, but those with average size calves shouldn’t have an issue. I have average to sturdy calves and found them to fit just fine.

Our Two Cents

The Icon Joker WP boots offer interesting styling in a boot that offers excellent coverage and protection. The rear entry is a novel approach and it works quite well.

Many of Icon’s boots offer unusual styling, sometimes to the detriment of practicality, but the Joker offers a great look with features that stack up to other more traditional styles. I’ve seen the rear-entry setup on some Dainese race boots and a few Alpinestars boots. On some, its kind of a pain if the rear zipper doesn’t go far enough down the back, but this boot’s design works well since the rear zip reaches almost to the sole. And just inside the rear zipper is the waterproof gator. They’ve made that gator with a pull strap so you can use it to help pull the boots on which is convenient. The back side of the tops is made of a slightly stretchy thick neoprene material which is flexible and looks kinda neat. I’ve seen the neoprene thing on Dainese boots too.

These boots have a waterproof liner and a sturdy sole along with sturdy reinforcements in the toe box, the heel, the shins and on either side of the ankle. Overall, they stack up well to other quality street/touring boots in this regard. As for climate issues, I’d say these boots would work well for all but very warm temps. They don’t have any venting, and they have a waterproof liner which means they’ll probably be uncomfortable to wear in hot summer months.

The shin armor piece is well padded on the side against the leg, but its VERY firm on the front side behind the leather embossed “ICON logo”, which is impressive. Where the shifter will likely hit the boot, there is an extra overlay of leather and also a firm raised piece which feels sturdy as well. But even with all the reinforcements, the boots flex well because of the neoprene-like material in the front/ankle area and on the back side of the ankle.

I really like this style and I think it is a good compromise between style and function. :: Paul, 04-04-19

Icon says: Being based out of Portland, Oregon means we at ICON require gear that can stand up to the onslaught of rain-soaked rides. We designed the Joker waterproof boot for those rain-soaked occasions and are happy to pass the dryness on to you. Full-grain leather uppers combined with a waterproof and breathable interior means you stay cool and dry even when it’s soupy outside. Stout waterproof rear-entry YKK® zippers make entry and exit effortless. The lowers feature an engineered lasting board, reinforced shin, and a full rubber outsole, providing you a rugged boot with an athletic feel. Like all ICON boots, the Joker comes equipped with industry-leading D3O®ankle inserts. When you and your piggies go to the market, we make sure you return dry all the way home.