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Spidi WP HV Cover For Boots

Wear over non-waterproof boots to keep dry in rain. These covers fold down into a small space and have their own storage pouch. The hi-vis color helps you be seen during reduced visibility in rain.

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Sizing Information

These covers are adjustable with the Velcro closure and the nylon instep strap. Choose the cover size based upon the size boots you own.

Cover Size Men’s US size Women’s US size EU size
Small 5.5-7 6.5-8 38, 39, 40
Medium 7.5-9 8.5-10 41, 42
Large 9.5-10.5 10.5-11 43, 44
XL 11-12.5 - 45, 46, 47

FYI, we tried the XL on a size 49 EU boot and it just barely worked, so these covers will work for larger sizes as well.

Our Two Cents

These Spidi boot covers are a super handy accessory for any type of motorcycle traveler. You can use these covers over non-waterproof shoes or boots to repel rain. These covers fold into a small space so you can pack them away for when you need them.

These covers aren’t a completely waterproof cover the boot, but rather they fit over the toe of the boot first and then secure around the back of the boot or shoe with a Velcro and elastic closure. The Velcro and the nylon instep straps helps you secure them over the boot. The front cover of the boot includes a “sole” to keep the covers on your boot.

I really like the cover’s bright color and the reflective material on the sides on the side. It is a great advantage to be more easily seen during inclement weather. :: Paul, 06-03-19