Tourmaster Defender Two Piece Rainsuit ::

Tourmaster Defender Two Piece Rainsuit

  • Polyurethane-backed nylon shell with sealed seams
  • Polyester mesh lines both the jacket and pants for added comfort
  • Aqua-Barrierâ„¢ under-the-helmet hood (U.S. Patent #8,156,573 and #7,779,485)
  • Microfiber-lined collar with hook and loop adjustment
  • Waterproof hand pockets and chest pocket, plus front and rear pockets on pants
  • Underarm exhaust vents on jacket
  • Pants offer polyester overlays on the seat and inner legs for added durability
  • Removable suspenders and leg stirrups
  • Elastic waist band and cuff ensure a secure fit
  • Reflective printing on front and back of jacket
  • Reflective piping on lower leg of pants

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Sizing Information

These suits are sized to fit over riding gear. We’ve been carrying a version of the Defender for a lot of years and sizing is not typically an issue. I’d advise you to buy the size rain suit you normally buy in men’s clothing (no need to buy bigger for wearing over gear).

Our Two Cents

Versions of the Defender rain suit have been around for years and this version for 2021 is the latest. Just FYI, the previous version was called Defender 2 and was introduced in 2014. I guess Tour Master decided to get away from the version numbering scheme. Anyway, this new version is nearly identical to the previous version except for minor styling changes.

The Defender suit remains popular because it is a nylon design that is moderately priced and reasonably rugged. The suit, being nylon, is light and easy to wear and not heavy (as compared to less expensive PVC suits). The inside has a polyester lining to make it easy to slip on and off. The suit has lots of adjustments and I’ll refer you to our photo gallery to see all those. We took a lot of shots of me in the suit to show you how it fits over a riding jacket and boots (and it does!). The under-helmet hood/collar is a neat feature to keep water from going down the collar of the jacket. And also check out the night time visibility strips to help you be seen at night. And finally the whole thing packs away in a pouch that is included. Overall, a very nice general purpose rain suit that won’t break the bank. :: Paul, 05-26-21