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REV'IT! Parabolica Pants

The Parabolica motorcycle pants make it possible to ride around sporting a super casual vibe in the urban environment. They are inspired by the sportswear that you probably put on in your everyday life. If you’re not into the hardcore motorcycle apparel, this is the garment for you!

These joggers have the most relaxed fit in our “Tech Fashion Collection” for a reason. They allow for freedom of movement, offer great looks, and have comfort built right in. Furthermore, their stretch characteristics give you that flexibility you need in a race-derived fit garment.

  • Adjustable knee protection
  • Adjustment drawcord at waist
  • Slit pockets on hip
  • Full stretch
  • Grip panel at seat
  • Short connection zipper
  • Under boot strap

The grip panel at the seat ensures you stay in control in all weather conditions and won’t slide in your seat at any time. A key feature for any rider, pillion passengers will also appreciate this extra level of performance.

To prevent these pants/trousers from riding up your leg/boots while riding or walking, we’ve incorporated the handy under boot strap. It easily slips on and off for rider convenience.

  • Double textile seat
  • SEESMART™ CE-level 1 Hip Protectors
  • SEESMART™ RV36-L1-A on knee
Outer shell material:
  • Polyester stretch
  • Laminated reflection on upper legs
  • This garment is certified according to the EN 17092 Standard, published in 2020 and has achieved AA rating.

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We measured and tried on a selection of these pants and developed the table below to help you choose a size that is right for you. If you need help measuring, take the link below. Most shoppers will choose the size they normally wear in men’s clothing.

We suggest taking a pair of your favorite jeans and laying them on a flat surface with the waist buttoned. Take a measuring tape or string and start at the left side with 0 or the end of the string and pull it tight across the front of the pants where a belt would run with your hands at either side pulling the material tight with the tape or string lined up with the edges. Then either read the tape measure or hold the string next to a yardstick or tape measure to find the length, double that number and you have a comfortable waist measurement for your favorite jeans. Apply that measurement to the size chart below.

We have a 2-inch range in the waist and the inseam on these pants. The pants are made from a full stretch material that is very forgiving. The waist has a drawstring adjustment cord so you can draw it down for a snug fit, and the legs have under foot/boot straps so you can hold them down.

Pant Size Waist Range Regular Inseam Short Tall
Small 30-32 32-35
Medium 32-34 32-35
Large 34-36 32-35
XL 36-38 32-35
XXL 38-40 32-35
XXXL 40-42 32-35

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The REV’IT! Parabolica Pants are part of their “Tech Fashion Collection” and are new for Spring and Summer 2022.

The Parabolica Pants have the appearance of high end sweatpants. REV’IT! says the look is inspired by sportswear and even calls them joggers in their marketing materials. They have the look and feel of casual sweatpants with the safety research that REV’IT! has spent years on baked into every pair. The Parabolica Pants are certified to EN 17092 with a AA rating, you can read details on the rating information here. That all sounds fantastic, but what does it mean in layman’s terms? Basically, the pants have achieved the second highest garment rating that is available in terms of abrasion and impact resistance. For the AAA rating, you’re looking at full racing leathers level protection for comparison, so these pants performed just one notch below. That’s impressive stuff when you have a garment that looks like it’s made for lounging around in comfort. The seat of the pants, the main area affected by most common slides, is double textile for extra abrasion resistance. REV’IT! has included their SeeSmart™ CE level 1 hip and knee armor in the Parabolica pants which is thin and flexible while still offering great protection on impact.

The REV’IT! SeeSmart™ armor is housed in pockets within the pants that have 3D mesh on the garment side that helps to keep air circulating around the armor and also provides some additional padding. 3D mesh feels a bit like foam padding because of the rigidity of the mesh material, it springs back to shape when compressed. The knee armor pockets also have two height adjustment pockets. If you think the armor needs to be adjusted just turn the legs inside out and move the lower portion of the knee armor to the other internal pocket (the top stays in the same pocket) and you’ll have a different alignment when you put them on.

The outer seams of the pants through from just below the waist to right above the knee have reflective stripes that will help with visibility in low light conditions. There are two slanted hand pockets with zip closures near the waist for storage. The back of the waist also features a short connection zipper so you can easily mate the pants to a REV’IT! jacket with a short connection option or you can use the included mating half of the zipper and have a seamstress set up just about any jacket in your closet to mate with these pants.

The REV’IT! Parabolica Pants are extremely comfortable, and even with their high level of protection, they feel very much like your normal high end sweatpants that you might wear casually. I would recommend these pants for the rider who wants a subdued, casual look with the protection they need for motorcycle riding. The high level of comfort is just a bonus. They should work great for commuters and urban riders if you can get away with wearing them in the office! :: Mike, 06/01/2022

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