FirstGear Kilimanjaro Pants - 2016 ::

FirstGear Kilimanjaro Pants - 2016

  • 420-denier nylon exterior is tough, supple and abrasion resistant
  • Waterproof, breathable, 2.5 layer, PTFE laminate technology is durable and long-lasting
  • PTFE laminate incorporates revolutionary 37.5® advanced, micro-particle technology
  • D30® armor padding; CE-standard at knees and hips
  • Extra-long, two-way, side zip for easy entry and egress along with copious ventilation
  • Adjustable and removable bib harness for ultimate riding comfort and coverage

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Sizing Information

We measured a selection of these pants and the waist sizes measure out correctly for an overpant… just slightly larger than the stated size. The waist band is “fixed” so you can’t change the waist size with adjusters, but the pants do have belt loops you can use to snug them down, and if you use the suspenders, you can get a comfortable fit and they’ll stay up on your waist without them having to be tight (ahhh, I love that!). So our advice is to measure yourself up on your waist just below the navel, and buy the corresponding waist size. If you are between sizes, choose the larger. And since the pants are sized just a touch larger than the stated size, you should have room to wear them over slacks, jeans or underwear. Overall, these pants should be an easy fit.

The inseams matched up with FirstGear’s 2012 sizing guidelines. Here is their chart:

Pant Size Regular Inseam Short Inseam Tall Inseam
30 31.5 - -
32 31.5 - -
34 32 30 34
36 32 30 34.5
38 32 30 34.5
40 32 30 35.5
42 33 30 35.5
44 33 - -
46 33 - -
48 33 - -

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

These new Kilimanjaro pants are just what the doctor ordered for street and touring riders of all types. Here are the main points: rugged construction, waterproof shell, plenty of pockets, very good armor, and the long side zippers that make them easy to wear over street clothes.

And last but not least, and my personal favorite, suspenders. Let’s start with the suspenders…. the main reason I like them is that overpants with heavy fabric, armor, gear in pockets, etc get heavy, and if you rely on the tightness of the waist to hold all that up when off the bike, it gets uncomfortable when sitting in the saddle for a long time. So with suspenders, you can wear the pants at a comfortable tightness and not have to continually tug at them to keep them in place. And the bigger your belly relative to your waist, the more you’ll appreciate the physics of the situation I’m talking about here :). I know, they are not for everybody, so happily, FirstGear made them removable.

These pants will be ideal for long distance touring riders or commuters. Those riding back and forth to work could protect their street clothes from the elements and easily step into and out of these pants at work (without having to find a place to change clothes). Two other neat features worth a mention…. the armor in these pants is adjustable for height and position, and the long side zippers are “two way” which will allow you to reach the pants pockets of your jeans or pants without having to zip up from the bottom. That makes it ideal so you don’t have to transfer your wallet, keys, etc from your street clothes to these pants when you suit up.

The armor included is the D3O brand which give good impact protection without being too stiff. It is included for the knees and hips and all four pieces are adjustable for position. The pant shell is plenty durable feeling and the zippers are very sturdy. Everything feels very well built.

We took a good selection of close-up feature photos of these pants and the main features. View those by taking the “View Larger Images” link above. I like these new pants! :: Paul, 01-04-16