Alpinestars Honda Andes V3 Drystar Pants ::

Alpinestars Honda Andes V3 Drystar Pants


  • Constructed with an advanced reinforced polyfabric textile for durability and Alpinestars exclusive Drystar® membrane for 100 per cent waterproof performance in wet weather conditions
  • Removable long thermal liner allows the pants to be adapted to suit the weather conditions
  • Efficient direct ventilation ports strategically positioned on thighs for high levels of airflow
  • Pre-contoured leg construction with knee stretch panels insert for optimum riding comfort
  • Tapered touring fit for enhanced comfort when riding.• Interior hip pad compartments. (Bio-Flex inserts available as an accessory upgrade)
  • Removable and positional-adjustable knee protectors ensure superior protection against impacts
  • Reinforced polymer-printed texturing in critical knee areas for added abrasion resistance Integrated reflective details
  • Adjustment waist system features buckle and stretch material for an optimized fit
  • Zippered air intakes for effective internal temperature control
  • Cargo-style pockets for real-world practicality
  • Adjustable, removable bib braces for an improved comfort fit while also ensuring the pants remain in position

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Sizing Information

The pants are sold in ordinary US Alpha sizes and Alpinestars offers a chart to estimate the waist size for each alpha size. The conversion estimates are about what you’d expect for each US alpha size but the actual pants are a bit smaller than what Alpinestars estimates.

To help you get the right size, we’ve developed a chart which shows Alpinestars “official” estimate of size and what size we observed. Please note that we are listing a waist size range for each pant. That is because the pants have adjustment tabs on the waist that allow you to snug them down if needed (but they do not get bigger). Choose a size based on the measurement of your waist. You’ll want to measure yourself up a bit higher on your waist than ordinary jeans because protective pants like this are a little higher waisted. Take the link below if you need advice on how to measure.

Alpha Size Alpinestars Waist
Size Estimate
Our Waist
Size Estimate
Measured Inseam
Small 31 to 32.5 28-31 31
Medium 33.5 to 35 31-33 31.5
Large 36 to 37.5 33-34.5 32
XL 38 to 39.5 34-36 32.5
XXL 40.5 to 42 36-38 33
XXXL 43 to 44.5 38-40 33.5
XXXXL 45.5 to 47 40-42 34

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar Pant is new for 2021 and is an upgrade from the V2 version. It remains an excellent choice for all types of riders for wet and/or cooler or even cold conditions. Armor is included for the knees and optionally available for the hips. Both men’s and women’s (Stella) sizes are available, so take the link below to choose hip armor or to view the other gender. Also check out the matching men’s or women’s Andes V3 jackets.

The Andes jacket and pant have been staples in the Alpinestar’s lineup for a long time. The first version we reviewed approximately 5 years ago, and the v2 appeared in 2017. This current V3 version, as with prior versions is made for use in mild to cold weather and or wet weather. The overall styling is generic enough to appeal to any kind of rider from sport to adventure. The pants include an integrated waterproof liner situated between the pant’s outer shell and inner lining so they’ll keep you dry in case of rain. The rain barrier will also act as a barrier to ward off biting wind. And when you ride in really cold weather, you can install the removable thermal liner which gives a very generous blanket of insulation nearly the full length of the pant. This V3 pant improves temp range versatility by including a thigh zippered vent. This vent has two improvements over prior year’s versions. The vent is “direct” meaning air passes through the vent directly to your skin. In prior versions, the venting wasn’t direct and was blocked by the waterproof liner. In order to be a direct vent, the zipper is waterproof and also they’ve included a neat little snap arrangement to allow you to prop the vent open to catch more air. Even with venting, I wouldn’t recommend this pant for warm or hot weather though. But the new design features will take you further into spring.

The armor in the knees is Alpinestars BioFlex type which is rated CE1 and is flexible and comfortable, and completely appropriate for a street/adventure pant like this. you can add matching hip armor if you like using the link below.

I mentioned in the sizing advice the pants have removable suspenders, of which I’m a fan. With the armor and thermal liner, any pant like this can get a bit heavy, and without suspenders, you may have to cinch the waist down more than you’d like in order to hold them up on your waist, but suspenders really help with this. In fact, you can wear the waist at a very comfortable size position and be completely confident you won’t show the world more than you’d like when you bend at the waist.

A couple other enhancements I like with this new version is the leg design. They’ve added some bonded rubberized patches on the knees, which you’ll like when you have to kneel down. The layer is thick and feels durable and shouldn’t absorb mud or water as readily as plain fabric. The adjustment arrangement at the end of the leg is more like Klim’s pants in that it gives a wider range of adjustment than many other Alpinestars pants, so you’ll be able to get a good fit over nearly any sort of footwear.

The feature list is improved and the pricing is only moderately more than past versions, so I think they remain a winner! :: Paul, 07-15-21

Alpinestars says: Designed using Alpinestars Drystar® construction, the Andes v3 Pant offers 100% waterproofing and high levels of breathability. With added protection in strategic areas, these pants can adapt to all weather conditions and are fully compatible with the Andes Drystar® Jacket.