Scorpion Clutch Leather Pants ::

Scorpion Clutch Leather Pants (XXXL Only)

  • Constructed of premium 1.2 to 1.4mm top-grain leather
  • Custom perforated leather panels for air ventilation
  • Exo-Stitch® safety seams with heavy bar tacking at high stress/critical areas
  • Subdued carbon trim and branding
  • SAS-TEC®CE certified removable viscoelastic armor at the knees
  • Hip protector PE foam pads and pockets for optional Sas-Tec® hip armor
  • Accordion stretch panels in the knees and rear hem for flexibility and comfort
  • Power-stretch panels in the inseam and knees for great fit and comfort
  • Phantom-black NightViz® reflective panels on thighs and knees for increased nighttime visibility
  • Knee slider hook and loop attachments fit most styles of knee sliders
  • YKK® main closure and metal hook front waistband closure
  • YKK® fold flat locking zippers at cuff
  • New calf expansion gusset
  • Lightweight perforated lining for maximum air flow and comfort 28” YKK® full circumference zipper works with Clutch and Ravin jackets

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Sizing Information

We measured these pants and compared to Scorpion’s size chart below and we find the chart to be accurate. There are a couple things to keep in mind on the fit of a pant like this. First, you’ll want to measure yourself with a tape if you haven’t done so in a while. MANY jeans are “vanity sized” which means the jeans are bigger in the waist than the size would indicate to make you feel good, so if you choose a pant size here based solely on your jean size, you may wind up with pants that are tight.

The waist band of these pants is a wide stretch band and so there is some flex either up for down from the size chart estimate. The design of sport pants with a stretch waist like this relies on the idea that you’ll be zipping them to a matching sport jacket to help hold the up especially while walking around. The pants have a zipper to mate to Scorpion sport jackets and the pants also come standard with the mating half of the waist zipper so it is also possible to adapt a non-compatible jacket to the pants with the help of your tailor. Another alternative would be to wear clip on suspenders to help hold them up.

I’m listing the actual inseam in the chart below, but keep in mind these are sport pants with a tapered leg that will worn with sport boots and are only meant to reach the top of your foot. So while a size 30” inseam in this pant will fit most people appropriately, the inseam listed isn’t comparable to your jeans which are meant to reach to the floor. These pants will fit “average” height riders that normally wear a 32” to 34” jeans inseam.

Size Max Waist Inseam
Small 30-31 30
Med 32-33 30
Large 34-35 30
XL 36-37 31
XXL 38-39 31
XXXL 40-41 32

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Scorpion Clutch Leather Pants are now on sale! These are high quality heavy duty sport leather pants for street sport riding or even amatuer track use. Armor is included in both the knees and hips and the legs are fitted with “loop” velcro so you can add your favorite sliders.

If you own a Scorpion Clutch jacket (also now on sale) or plan to buy one, these pants will mate with the jacket to make a good 2pc suit for you. (The connector zipper also mates with the Ravin jacket but as of this writing, that one is almost sold out). I’d suggest you take the link below to see our review of the Clutch jacket to get the overall idea of the construction of both the jacket and pants, but let me tell you more about the pants specifically:

The pants come with SasTec armor in the knees which is quite heavy duty feeling. The hips are fitted with thin foam pads which are not removable. The standard hip padding may be enough for you, but if not, there is a pocket included in the pant’s liner for the addition of optional armor. SasTec sells a hip armor unit for the pants which you can order with the link at the bottom of this page.

Like nearly all quality leather sport pants, these are constructed with stretch panels in the crotch area to help you flex enough when you are in the saddle. And they have leather stretch panels above the knee and below the waist in back to help you into a tuck position. A feature these share with many Alpinestars models is a zipper on the back of the calf which allows you to open up the size of the pant in that area if they are too snug in that area. A nod toward safety on the street is the use of some night time reflectives on the thigh area. The reflective material is “phantom” colored so it doesn’t take away from the all-black matte finish styling.

Black leather riding gear will get warm in the summer. These pants will breathe to some extent through the stretch materials in the crotch area (mentioned above), and through a thin strip of perforated leather over the thigh area, but these aren’t full mesh pants, so I’d recommend them for cold to warm weather use, but in hot summer months, they’ll be cookers.

These pants are high quality and as a closeout item, I think they are a great deal too. :: Paul, 04-16-20

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