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REV'IT! 2022 Apex Pants

For the sport lovers, we bring you the Apex motorcycle pants. Comprised of leather and stretch in all the right places, we give you the freedom of movement to make all of your road rides count, whether in the urban jungle or beyond its walls.

Partial ventilation on the upper and lower legs allows you to stay a little bit cooler when things heat and included protection at the knees and hips (along with knee sliders), help keep you safe when scouting for your new favorite riding spots. Pair the Apex pants with the matching Apex jacket or any other jacket in our street-oriented jackets lineup and hit the road.

  • Adjustment strap at waist
  • Hook-and-snap front closure
  • Stretch at crotch
  • Stretch at inside knee
  • Stretch at inside of legs
  • Stretch at waist
  • Stretch lips at knees
  • Stretch lips at waist
  • Perforation on lower legs
  • Perforation on upper legs
  • Coccyx Protection
  • Dual comp knee slider type A
  • Safety seams
  • SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 Knee Protectors
  • SEESMART™ CE-level 1 Hip Protectors

Dual-comp knee sliders type A are constructed from a high-performance TPU compound, combined with an extra durable PA6 compound. Specially designed for racers who want high-performance sliders, these higher-quality compounds offer good feedback, giving you maximum durability without compromising your feel on the road. The sliders come in a pair of two, each anatomically shaped to fit either the left or the right knee, and high-quality Velcro attaches the sliders to leathers, ensuring they stay where they need to. Type A sliders are available in three colours, to fit every colour combination of your leathers, and the dual-injected colours keep the design visible even when the sliders begin to wear.

Outer shell material:
  • Artificial nubuck
  • Monaco performance cowhide
  • PWR|Shell stretch
  • Artificial Leather
  • Reflection at knee
  • This garment is certified according to the EN 17092 Standard, published in 2020 and has achieved AAA rating.

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We measured and tried on a selection of these pants and the main conclusion was that the pants run a bit small in the waist as compared to REV’IT’s published sizing chart. The inseams however are very well represented in their chart.

To help in choosing a size, we’ve developed a chart that shows each pant size and REV’IT’s published size estimate of the waist alongside our own estimate of size. We’d advise you to choose a pant size based on OUR sizing estimates.

As you can see in the chart, the pants are available in regular, short and tall inseam sizes, so choose the inseam length you normally wear in slacks or jeans in terms of short/tall but remember these pants are racing pants so they are about 2” shorter than expected to tuck into riding boots. The pants also have adjustability of the armor height (independent of inseam length) which can be accessed by pulling each leg inside out (remove the knee slider first to make life a little easier, but these pants are stiff at the knee so it’s still tough going). Velcro allows you set the armor in different spots and you can check how the armor feels on your knee when you are sitting on the bike and decide which position it seems best.

Also, the pants have a set of hook and loop waist adjusters at the waist to help you fine tune the fit. We indicate a 2” range in our chart which was about the amount we judged the adjustment range to be.

Pant Size REV’IT Estimate Our Estimate Inseam Reg Inseam Short Inseam Tall
46 30-32 29-31 28 - -
48 33-34 30-32 29 - 31
50 34-35 32-34 29 28 32
52 36-37 33-35 30 28 32
54 38-40 35-37 30 28 33
56 40-42 37-39 30 29 -
58 42-43 38-40 31 - -
60 44-46 41-43 31 - -

Measurement tip: You’ll want to measure yourself fairly high up the waist because protective style pants like this are cut to ride higher on your waist than a lot of modern jean styles (so relying just upon the size jeans you buy might result in motorcycle pants that are too small). Right below the navel is about the right height on the waist for measurement. For a pant leg style like this that goes over the boots, you can typically choose an inseam based on what you normally wear in jeans or slacks.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The REV’IT! Apex Pants are an aggressive sport/track leather pant. They are essentially the bottom half of the REV’IT! Apex 1 piece suit, so if you pair it with the REV’IT! Apex jacket you have a 2 piece suit!

The Apex pants are an aggressive style with full leather construction and some stretch paneling in the crotch area for easier fit. There is also accordion stretch at the rear of the pants below the short and long connection zippers that gives you some flex if you pair them with a jacket. At the waist, there are two hook and loop adjusters to trim down the fit and a slide in clasp with a button for closure. They have perforations at the thigh and lower leg to let some air in.

The pants run about 2” shorter than a normal street pant, but that is because they are designed to fit into riding boots. The final 2 inches of each leg is a soft textile material for this reason. The back of the leg has a zippered opening for ease of putting the pants on, and a secondary zippered gusset for expansion at the calf if you need it. Above the knee is more accordion paneling for some flexibility when you bend the knee.

The REV’IT! Apex pants come with SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 knee protectors that are in adjustable height pockets, SEESMART™ CE-level 1 hip protectors, and coccyx (tailbone) padding. There are also type A dual comp knee sliders on the exterior of the knee that attach via hook and loop, and it is substantial because those sliders are TOUGH to take off! REV’IT! was able to achieve a AAA CE rating for these pants, and that is what you should expect in a top of the line racing garment. The knees also have some reflective material around the edge of the REV’IT! logo for some night visibility.

The REV’IT! Apex pants are a full on track day leather pant for aggressive sport riders. They’re ready to perform right out of the box and paired with a track day jacket you’ve got the ingredients for a win! :: Mike, 08/12/2022