Trilobite Probut X-Factor Jeans ::

Trilobite Probut X-Factor Jeans (30 Or 32 Waist Only)

  • 12.5 oz. Cordura denim with Coolmax fibers.
  • Dupont™ Kevlar® lining through knees and seat for additional abrasion resistance.
  • Triobite® Premium Protection CE Level 2 protectors in hips and knees.
  • Triple stitched outseams.
  • 5 pockets + 1 secret pocket.
  • Stretch panels in knees, back waist and crotch.
  • Adjustable height of knee protectors.
  • Double belt loops in front.
  • Raised waist belt at back for additional coverage.
  • Thigh air vent pockets.
  • Breathable crotch panel.
  • Coolmax® moisture wicking system.
  • Removable water resistant inner liner.

Kevlar® and DuPont™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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Sizing Information

We measured a sampling of these jeans of different waist sizes and lengths and find they measure out to the stated size. Most jeans are “vanity” sized which mean they’ll measure out about 2” larger than the stated size in the waist. To pick a size, you’ll want to measure your waist (use our instructions below) and choose the size which corresponds to waist measurement. Because your favorite jeans are likely vanity sized by about 2”, you’ll wind up choosing a size in this pant that 2” larger than your jean size.

These pants are cut a little higher than ordinary jeans too, so when you measure, be sure to measure up higher on your waist just under the navel.

The inseam lengths measure out about right for the stated size.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

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Our Two Cents

Trilobite’s Probut X-Factor jeans are for motorcyclists that want a VERY protective and functional riding jean. This jean includes full armor and a removable waterproof and windproof liner.

If you want to wear a riding jean, but you are more interested in features and protection for the motorcyclist rather than a jean that doesn’t look like motorcycle pants, then here’s your jean. These have an overall cut like a “regular” cut jean, or even a bit like a cargo (just a little more roomy than a standard jean) so they are comfortable to wear. The “look” reminds me of some Icon products. The feature list and styling of the jean are more like a sport/race pant than jeans. There is stretch material built into the crotch area, below the waist in back and over the knees, so the pants will be flexible enough to assume a sport riding position. They are cut taller in the back than in the front to fight plumber’s butt you might get when wearing ordinary jeans.

A few other features you’ll see that are specifically there for the rider: reflective materials on the back of the lower leg, and the back and hip pocket have flaps that close with Velcro so you won’t lose your stuff.

Trilobite give a good honest list of functional features which I’ve pasted below. These jeans feel really robust and those who want more than a jean with a few features to beef them up will like this jean. And the price looks very reasonable to me for all that is here. :: Paul, 09-28-18

Trilobite says: Probut X-Factor jeans are unbeatable all season travel equipment for riders who want maximum of functionality, protection, and comfort. With these jeans weather really doesn’t matter. When it is cold and rainy the removable inner pants made of Waterproof membrane and thermo insulating layer will do their job. When it is hot outside, Cordura® denim with Coolmax® fiber system will take the body moisture to the upper layer giving these riding jeans perfect cooling and drying performance. The jeans have air ventilation pockets on thighs. Nylon boot cuffs prevent water from getting in from bottom during the rain. Reflective stripes in calf zones maximize the visibility on road. Jeans are made from 12.5 oz Cordura® denim with Coolmax® which is abrasion resistant material Cordura denim is 4 times stronger than standard denim of the same weight. Impact zones in knees and seat are lined with large aramid fibre panels made with original Kevlar® by DuPont™. All together it means double abrasion resistance. Impact safety is managed by Trilobite® Premium protection CE level 1 in knees and hips while knee pad pockets can be installed through exterior zipper openings. Triple outseam underlines safety performance of Probut X-Factor jeans. Due to ergonomically shaped stretch panels in knees, back of the waist, and crotch riders will always move free and travel comfortably on long trips. The X-shaped crotch panel gives wide possibilities for any extension movements on bike.