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Spidi Furious Pro Jeans

  • CE: Protective motorcycle gear according to the (UE)2016/454 Regulation.
  • PPE protective clothing for motorcycle use certified Pr En 17092-3:2017 Class AA
  • Warrior Protectors certificate EN 1621-1 Lev. 1 hips and knees
  • Carabiner attachment
  • Inner wallet barrier for back pockets
  • Fabric weight 13 oz/m²
  • Average weight 1,5 Kg
  • Slim fit
  • Accordion
  • Knee protector adjustable positioning
  • Cordura high tenacity polyamide fabric
  • Cordura/Cotton
  • Elasticized fabric

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Sizing Information

We measured a sampling of these jeans of different waist sizes and lengths and find they measure out about 1” smaller than the stated waist size. And because “normal” jeans are just a bit “vanity” sized in the waist by typically 1”, that means these jeans are running about one size smaller than expected. For example, the size 36 measures aboutr 35”, but should measure about 37”. A size 34 jean in most manufacturers measure about 35”. So in this example, the size 36 jeans fits about like a 34 jean would fit. So my primary advice would be to buy one waist size larger than you normally wear in jeans and you’ll likely find a fit. The jeans include armor in the hips and knees. The armor units don’t make a difference in the size choice of jeans..

To check for size using a tape, measure around your waist where your normal jeans ride or measure the waist band of your favorite pair of jeans to verify. When you determine your “measured” waist, then buy a pair of these jeans knowing the jeans measure 1” LESS than the stated size.

The inseam lengths measured out to be generous at 35”. The pant legs are a simple design and could be hemmed, or you could roll them up. The knee armor position is HIGHLY adjustable, so even if you hem them or roll them up, you should be able to adjust the armor position to work.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

These Spidi Furious Pro jeans are a slim fit sporty looking jean. The fabric used is breathable but reinforced to improve its abrasion resistance. Armor is included for the knees and hips.

The fabric used for these jeans is a heavy duty cotton that is woven with Cordura fibers to make them more durable in case of a fall. This type of protective fabric is considered “premium” as compared to jeans that are fitted with a separate layer of abrasion resistant material. Having the abrasion resistance as part of the jean fabric makes them thinner, lighter and more breathable. The overall “heft” of these jeans is similar to that of an unwashed Levi 501 jean.

This jean has a “slim” fit and is fitted with expansion sections above the knee to make them more comfortable to wear in a riding position. The expansion also allows room for armor to fit comfortably over the knee area. I think the styling is sharp. The legs taper to a pretty slim profile at the end of the leg. Just to give you an idea, the leg at the end measures 7 1/4” across when laid flat. You can compare that to other pants/jeans you have that you can wear over your boots or shoes to see how these might fit. BE CAREFUL with your color selection by using the photos in our gallery. The “blue” color has “SPIDI” printed down the leg in the thigh area where the “black/blue” is without the lettering, and the other two color choices don’t have the lettering either.

The Knee armor included with the jeans is their thinner/flexible type which works great in a jean leg. It feels substantial, but it isn’t too thick. The knee armor is also in a fabric pocket and the height of the armor is adjustable with Velcro. Just turn the pants inside out to adjust the height of the armor to hit your knee correctly when you are in the riding position. The hip armor is a similar flexible type as the knee armor but just a touch thinner. It is fitted into fabric pockets just below the waist inside the jean.

I like the design of these jeans very much. The fit is slim without being too slim, the legs have plenty of length, the armor is “appropriate” and the fabric should be comfortable but protective. the fabric is still as new, but I’d bet they’ll be really comfortable when they are wash and broken in some. The “medium used blue” I would assume are pre-washed and softer from the start (although I didn’t see a pair in person for this review). :: Paul, 10-08-19

Spidi says: The new SPIDI Furious Pro motorcycle jeans are entirely prEN17092-3:2017 Class AA certified, and have been specifically developed to offer excellent performance while on the bike, without sacrificing any comfort on the street. Each paid has a main chassis of abrasion and penetration resistant 13 oz Cordura cotton with a carabiner to securely attach a jacket. There are flexible panels above both knees to offer all-day wearability and the jeans feature a slim fit cut to ensure a more modern fit with less concern about flapping material at highway speeds. Each pair come with Warrior Lite Armor Level 1 knee and hip armor – certified to the En 1621-1:2012 standard, and the knee armor is adjustable to allow each rider to get it located correctly. The inner thighs area is made of a flexible, breathable material to avoid bunching and sweating. There are three front pockets, and two rear pockets with an inner wallet barrier.