Scorpion Covert Ultra Jeans ::

Scorpion Covert Ultra Jeans (32, 32T, 36, 36T, 40 Or 42 Only)


  • Cordura/ DuPont™ Kevlar® single layered weave provides 7x the abrasion resistance of typical denim
  • Adjustable armor pockets at the knees for optional Sas-Tec Flex armor (sold separately)
  • Hip armor pockets for optional Sas-Tec Flex armor (sold separately)
  • Integrated 3M reflective patch at the lower hem.
  • Single layered construction drastically reduces bulk and adds breathability
  • Reliable YKK zipper
  • DWR water-resistant coating provides environmental protection for those misty early morning rides
  • Traditional 5-pocket design with tapered fit and non-contrast stitching

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Sizing Information

I measured each size of jean offered in this style and found the waist size measures out to nearly exactly the stated size of the jean. Most jeans you buy these days are “vanity” sized, meaning they measure out at about 1”-2” larger than the states size. Because these jeans aren’t vanity sized, most folks will have to buy one size larger than they normally wear. .

To help you choose the right size, I’d recommend you measure your waist with a cloth tape or measure the waist band of one of your pairs of jeans that fits you well. To measure the waist, just lay the pants flat on a table with the waist buttoned up and measure the waist band from one edge across to the other, and then double what reading you get. For example, if you wear a size 38 jean, you’ll likely measure your favorite jean’s waist at 20” across, which means they have a 40” waist. And so in this jean, you’ll want to choose the size 40.

I’d describe the fit of these jeans as “full cut”. They aren’t skinny at all and they have a full seat and thigh. They do taper down to a regular size cuff. Just for example, the cuff on a size 38 jeans measures 8” across laid flat. You can compare that to jeans you already own to get an idea, but I think these should easily fit over most motorcycle boot tops. A jean style like this can be comfortable on the bike all day.

The inseams on the jeans are a bit on the short side. The regulars measure out like a short and the tall measures out like a regular, so if you are vertically challenged, you are in luck here… choose the regular inseam for about 31.5”

Here are the measurements I got off the actual jeans we have in stock:
Size Waist Measurement Standard Inseam Tall Inseam
30 30 31.5 34
32 32 31.5 34
34 34 31.5 34
36 36 31.5 34
38 38 31.5 34
40 40 31.5 34
42 42 31.5 34

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Scorpion’s Covert Ultra jeans are their “best” jean choice with a single layer premium fabric with excellent abrasion resistance. Styling is relaxed in a dark blue color.

The fabric used in the Covert Ultra is a blend of materials that give the feel of denim but made the jeans for suitable for motorcycle riding by increasing the abrasion resistance and tear resistance. Other jeans in their line use denim with more cotton content along with additional layers to get the job done. The idea with the single layer is to make the jeans more like “regular” jeans and to keep them light a comfortable. In just feeling these jeans, they do feel like regular denim, or perhaps a bit thicker standard denim. The surface is kinda soft and is dark blue.

These jeans have pockets for knees and hip armor, but the armor doesn’t come standard. You can add the armor to your order. There are two choices available for the knees and one for the hips. Take the links below to see those choices. The Flex armor is new and very thin and flexible, but probably can’t give the same impact protection as the molded type armor. But the Flex armor will be less visible, so the choice depends upon your priority.

If you want a standard fit jean… almost relaxed fit jean, this will be one of the few offered these days. This jeans has plenty of room in the seat and hips for comfort while sitting. Please have a look at the sizing advice before ordering.

These jeans have a strip of reflective material just inside the hemline on each leg. If you want to be seen at night, you roll up the end of your jean about an inch to show that strip of reflective material. About half the jeans we sell these days have that same setup. I guess somebody somewhere in the design world decided that strip of reflective was objectionable to see during the day and decided it should be hidden. The only downside to this setup is that you have to REMEMBER to pop they hem when it gets dark out.

The rest of this jean is pretty standard 5-pocket jean stuff. I think folks will like this jean for the one-layer fabric design and the relaxed comfortable cut. :: Paul, 06-18-19

Scorpion says: Scorpion ups their riding jeans game with the Covert Ultra Jeans. Constructed from a single-layer Cordura/DuPont™ Kevlar® fabric with seven times the abrasion resistance of regular denim, the Covert Ultra Jeans have pockets at the hips and knees for optional armor for extra impact protection. Traditional 5-pocket design allows the Scorpion Covert Ultra Jeans to go from ride to daily life without skipping a beat.

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