Joe Rocket Anthem Jeans ::

Joe Rocket Anthem Jeans


  • Relaxed American fit with classic 5 pocket design
  • 12 oz Heavy duty stretch denim
  • YKK® zippers throughout
  • CE Level 2 approved armor in knees and hips
  • Two stage adjustable knee armor height
  • Aramid Fiber lined front and back down past knee level (on the front, the rear of the jeans are lined to the top of the knee area, see additional photos for details)
  • Full Flex stretch panel at the back yoke for greater mobility in riding position
  • Available in regular and short inseam

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Sizing Information

Use the chart below to select a size based upon your waist and inseam. The actual measurements of the jeans (shown here) are very similar to the sizes marked on them except we find the inseams are about 1/2” shorter than the markings on the jeans.

Size Waist Regular Inseam Length Tall Inseam Length Short Inseam Length
30 30 31.5 33.5 29.5
32 32 31.5 33.5 29.5
34 34 31.5 33.5 29.5
36 36 31.5 33.5 29.5
38 38 31.5 33.5 29.5
40 40 31.5 33.5 29.5

Our Two Cents

The Joe Rocket Anthem jeans are a relaxed fit style.

The Anthem jeans feature a stretch denim fabric, it seems to be two way stretch, meaning it stretches side to side but not necessarily top to bottom. It’s flexible where it counts, just not as flexible as a 4-way stretch. On the rear of the jeans there is an accordion stretch panel near the waist for increased flexibility in the riding position.

The jeans have an Aramid Fiber lined front and back, but Joe Rocket claimed this went past the knee level, it stops at the top of the knee. The pocket for the knee armor appears to have the same Aramid Fiber lining, but the back of the knee does not. You can get a good look at the Aramid in our additional photos.

The Anthem come with CE level 2 hip and knee armor. This armor is from a company called Smooth Ways and it is very flexible. The knee armor pocket has an external zippered entry and uses 2 hook and loop closures to give you adjustable height pockets. If it is too high, simply reach in and undo a hook and loop closure and the armor should fall to the next closure. It looks like the distance is about 2 inches from the first closure to the second and an additional 1 inch from the second one to the bottom of the pocket. So all together about 2 to 3 inches of adjustability. An additional hook and loop closure on the side keeps the armor in place over the knee and not around the side.

The classic look of the Joe Rocket Anthem jeans makes them a sure winner with the commuting crowd. When you get to your destination you can easily pull out the knee armor and you have a normal looking 5 pocket jean thanks to the subdued stitching on the knee armor pockets. The hip armor can also be easily removed, but you have to at least loosen the waist to get to the pockets so it isn’t quite as simple as the knee armor. These jeans will work well for a variety of temperatures, and you can layer underneath for those cold morning rides as well, I think Joe Rocket has done a great job improving on their best selling Accelerator jean line and making it more commuter friendly! :: Mike, 01/28/2022