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Icon Slabtown Jeans

Riders, we love you, but you can be a demanding lot. You want riding jeans that are comfortable, flexible, good-looking and durable. Lucky for you, we’ve got the Slabtown Jeans. The Cordura® stretch denim is strong but not binding, and strategically placed stretch panels increase the range of movement. Inside, reinforcements plus low-profile D3O™ Ghost hip and knee impact protectors amp up the tough level.

  • ICON® Sport Fit
  • Cordura® stretch denim chassis with internal reinforcements
  • Pant Tested and Certified According to EN 17092-4:2020 class A
  • D3O® Ghost CE Certified knee and hip impact protectors -
  • EN 1621-1:2012, Level
  • Premium YKK® Zippers, Above the knee stretch panel

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Our Price:

Sizing Information

Below you will see the sizing chart that Icon publishes for their pants. I measured a selection of these pants and found the waist to run about 2” larger than the stated size and the inseam to run about 1/2” larger than the chart says. The waist variance is not a big deal because most jeans are “vanity” sized to some degree and cotton will shrink a bit.

Icon’s published chart:

Size Waist (inches) Inseam (inches)
28 28 32
30 30 32
32 32 33
34 34 33
36 36 33
38 38 34
40 40 34
42 42 34
44 44 34

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Slabtown Jeans from Icon are a pair of riding jeans that Icon considers a “sport fit”. What this means is a fit that is comfortable without being too tight or being too loose, what other brands might consider a regular fit. Overall construction is a Cordura® stretch denim with internal reinforcement, this allows the jeans to receive a CE Level A abrasion resistance rating while retaining maximum comfort. Comfort is further aided by the stretch panels above the knees. Overall the Slabtown jeans are a fairly classic looking, 5 pocket design, pair of jeans that minus the above the knee stretch panels, would pass for a regular pair of jeans.

For protection, Removable D30® Ghost Knee and Hip Impact Protectors are included which is fairly unheard of for this price point, automatically making the Slabtown jeans a solid value for $175 (typically at this price point hip armor is not included, jeans utilize are multi-layer design or are not CE rated). A few features that are missing that other riding jeans feature are reflective materials on the pant leg, connection zippers or other kinds of jacket connectors. From a sizing standpoint the Slabtown jeans are Vanity sized, meaning that a size 36 waist for example actually measured at 38 inches, and the inseam is right around 33 inches.

Overall I am personally not a fan of single A rated jeans, I always prefer to go AA rated or better, but with that said if your primary focus is cost and comfort, the Slabtown jeans are incredibly hard to beat. For $175 to get quality and slim knee and hip armor included, ce certification, and a single layer design is fairly unheard of. Serious value for the money here. Also the jeans fit how you would expect them to, the above the knee stretch panels help quite a bit and the overall construction is fairly comfortable and normal jean feeling while the stretch in the denim really is noticeable. Again overall a solid pair of riding jeans under the $200 mark, especially if comfort is your primary focus. :: Damir 7/5/24