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Highway 21 Blockhouse Jeans

  • Leather belt loop for chain attachment
  • Heavy weight 12oz denim
  • Plaid pockets and interior trim details
  • YKK zipper
  • Dupont Kevlar fiber reinforced panels with over 70% coverage
  • CE knee armor with adjustable height pockets
  • Removable hip armor pocket for optional hip armor (hip armor sold separately)

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Sizing Information

I measured a sampling of these pants and found the waist sizes to measure out between 1” and 2” larger than the stated size which is very typical for denim jeans these days (slightly vanity sized). Most people will be able to order the size they usually wear in men’s jeans to find a fit.

If you want to double check your size selection you can measure your waist with a tape. Alternately, you can grab one of your good fitting pairs of jeans and measure them (use the link below to learn how to do that properly). Both your waist and jean measurements should match pretty closely. Then use the chart I put together below to choose a size that measures out to match what you have.

Pant Size Measured Waist Inseam Regular Inseam Tall
30 31 31 34
32 33 31 34
34 35 32 36
36 38 33 36.5
38 40 33 36.5
40 42 34 37
42 44 34 37

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

If you are looking for an easy fitting plainly styled jean with protective features, then this one ought to do the job at a relatively inexpensive price.

I’d characterize the fit of these jeans as “relaxed” and have an average width leg end (not boot cut and not skinny either). They ought to work just fine with just about any type of boot you wear. The styling is very “ordinary” with no branding or special stitching…. just the usual front and back pockets. There is a sturdy button at the waist closure and a zip fly. One little extra touch is the one single leather belt loop for attachment of a wallet chain.

The pants come with a pair of inserts for knees to add impact protection. And the pocket in the knees has a couple of velcro strips to help you put the armor in the best height position to fit your own leg length. The armor pieces are included in the bag, but are not installed in the pants. If you want to put them in, just turn the pants inside out and install.

There are a couple detachable hip armor pockets for adding hip protection as well. If you aren’t interested in that, just take out those pockets and put them in a sock drawer somewhere. If you do want to give that a shot, I’d recommend the D3O hip armor inserts (take the link below). I’d recommend the “regular” thickness hip armor pieces listed on that product page rather than the “pro” ones. I’m afraid the pro ones will be too thick and make the jeans look funny from the outside.

To beef up the skid protection provided by the denim, these pants are lined in the seat and knees with a layer of Kevlar material. This is a very usual way manufacturer’s add abrasion resistance to plain denim. This way, you get the breathability and comfort of the denim but with more protection capability.

Overall a nice jean that give you the features you need but at a very attractive price. :: Paul, 05-15-18

Highway 21 says: The Defender DuPont Kevlar jeans are a classic straight-leg pant for men. They provide the highest level of Dupont Kevlar and CE protection. When obstacles keep multiplying and streets grow hostile, put on your armor and guard yourself with the Defender jeans.

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