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REV'IT! Safeway 2 Belt

  • The REVIT Safeway 2 Belt makes it possible to connect your jeans to your jacket with the connection zipper. By using the Safeway 2, you will be safer and more comfortable as your back won’t be exposed at any time.
  • All REV’IT! Jackets are compatible with the Safeway 2 Belt. When the belt is connected to the jacket, it will put pressure on the belt loops. REV’IT! Riding Jeans are prepared for this pressure, thanks to diagonally placed belt loops on the side and the double belt loops at the back rise.

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Sizing Information

These Safeway belts by REVIT are sold in metric sizes. In order to tell you how these convert to English belt sizes, I had to learn about how belts are sized!

I’ve always been told to buy a belt that is one size larger than your jeans size and that has always worked pretty well for me. A belt is measured from the BASE of the prong (the point where the leather folds over the bar of the buckle) to the middle hole on the other end. So if you wear your belt in the center hole, it will be just slightly longer around than its size (due to the length of the prong). It makes sense that you’d need one size bigger belt than your jeans size since most jeans are “vanity” sized, meaning they measure out at about 2” larger than their “size”.

Anyway… Below is a chart that converts REVIT’s metric size to an equivalent US Size… the US size being the measurement from the base of the prong to the middle hole (from actual measurement). As it turns out, the English size is the same as if you mathematically converted from metric to English. I guess somebody at REVIT in Europe uses the same guidelines to size a belt!

My advice would be to measure a belt that fits you and pick a metric size that most closely compares. If you don’t want to measure, then pick a belt that one size bigger than your jeans size.

Belt Size
Belt Size
85 33.5”
95 37.25”
110 43

FYI: Every size belt has seven holes spaced at 1” apart. That means you have 3” adjustability either larger or smaller from the middle hole. The length of the buckle adds about 1” to the belt size when you wear it.

Our Two Cents

This Safeway belt is a pretty neat idea. You can anchor the rear of your jacket down to regular jeans or pants using this belt. Anchoring the rear of the jacket keeps it from riding up from the wind and will also keep the jacket from being forced up if you fall.

Basically, this is an ordinary leather belt with a sleeve on the back with the short rear zipper which is compatible with the zipper in your REVIT jacket. The sleeve could be removed from the belt and used with any belt. Likewise the sleeve could be removed from the belt and you could use the belt for ordinary casual use. :: Paul, 03-30-18

FYI, There are two versions of the Safeway belt currently available… the Safeway 2 and the Safeway 30. Functionally the two models are the same. The Safeway 2 is slightly wider than the 30 and the buckle designs are slightly different as well.

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