Fly Racing Butane Overpant ::

Fly Racing Butane Overpant (SOLD OUT)

  • 600D polyester outer shell with fully taped seams
  • HYDRAGuard, 100% durable waterproof, windproof, and breathable
  • Anatomically fitted for ideal riding position
  • Designed and fitted to wear over clothes
  • 3/4 length Ykk 2-way side zippers with rain flap and gutter
  • Waterproof pocket zippers
  • Comfort inner liner
  • 8” jacket attachment zipper
  • Belt loops
  • Velcro waist adjusters
  • Velcro leg cuff adjusters
  • Hi-rise back for full coverage in riding position
  • Leg cuff cutouts to prevent heel drag
  • Reflective panels and logos for increased visibility
  • Gusseted dual snap fly
  • Height-adjustable knee armor pockets
  • CE knee armor
  • Hip armor pockets

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Sizing Information

I measured a selection of these pants and found the waist size of the pants to measure out consistently at 2” larger than the stated size. Most men’s jeans will be sized this way these days…. it’s called vanity sizing. We recommend you measure your waist or the waistband of your favorite jeans to see what size pants you need. The waist sizes for each pant size can be adjusted down by 2 to 3 inches with the side waist adjusters. The pants are also fitted with belt loops so you can use those with a belt if you like.

A bit of caution about the inseams on the pants… they are shorter overall than most pant styles. I found the inseam on regulars to be about 32” for the “regular” inseam, 34” for the talls and 30” for the shorts, which is a couple inches shorter than most products.

Here is a chart I put together to show you how each pant size measures out so you can select the size based upon what you come up with when you measure yourself.

Pant Size Max Waist Size Inseam Regular Inseam Short Inseam Tall
30 32 32 - -
32 34 32 30 34
34 36 32 30 34
36 38 33 31 35
38 40 33 31 35
40 42 33 31 35

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Need a simple textile overpant for commuting or touring? Something that is lighter weight with just the basics? And a reasonable price? The Fly Racing Butane Overpants should be just the thing. The shell of these pants is simple solid textile nylon, which gives the basic coverage for road dirt grime and give the basic abrasion protection case of a fall. The shell material is made waterproof with an interior barrier so they should work fine for wet weather use too.

These are traditional “overpants” which means that the pants are fitted with long side zippers on the outside of each leg. You can use those zippers to put the pants on and take them off over your regular street clothes without taking your boots off, so you can do it right in the parking lot when you get to work or where ever you are going.

Typical molded knee armor pieces are located in pockets in the knee area that are adjustable in two positions to help you position the height of the armor to fit your knee when you are in a seated position. Keep in mind that the armor nearly all motorcycle pants will down down lower on your leg when standing so you’ll want to make your adjustments and evaluate fit while in the riding position. The pants are also fitted with some simple foam pads in the hips.

A couple other nice features… on either side of the waist band are Velcro adjusters to help you get the right fit in the waist. The adjusters can make the pants fit smaller (but not bigger). There are two hand warmer pockets in front to store a few things and those have waterproof zippers to keep rain out. I notice the long side zippers are “two way” meaning you can zip down from the top. This is a handy thing for overpants since it allows you to reach into the pants through that zipper opening and reach your jeans pockets. Otherwise, you’d have to open the waist and reach in through the top.

Gosh, for the cost of these pants, I think they’d work great for everyday use on the street, and perfect for commuting to work with street clothes on underneath. :: Paul, 09-19-17