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REV'IT! Eclipse 2 Pant

On long summer days and warm city nights, you need pants that help you stay cool, and the Eclipse 2 uses polyester mesh panels on the full length of the pants, both front and back, to bring climate control to your lower half. The extensive use of this highly ventilated textile in the pants will help you cope with the heat radiating from the motorcycle or reflecting off the road. The rest of this next-gen’s construction is 600-denier polyester which is renowned for being extremely abrasion-resistant.

Chino-inspired The unfussy Eclipse 2 sleek silhouette is a subtle nod to the sartorial simplicity of the chino design. It’s the classic shape and cut – a regular fit with two tailored back pockets and two front diagonal zipped pockets. Technical detailing doesn’t detract from the understated design of the Eclipse 2. Like reflectives welded onto the fabric around the ankle that add visibility from different angles.

Customize your commute Most urban riding means a lot of stopping and starting – so you’ll be glad of the lightweight feel of the Eclipse 2 pants: open weave mesh optimizes airflow and this textile’s open weave also frees your range of movement and. Equally, the CE-rated armor is protective without being bulky at the hips and knees. And the SEESMART knee protection can be height-adjusted to personalize the fit at this high-risk impact zone.

  • Adjustable knee protection
  • Slit pockets on hip
  • Two back pockets on back
  • Belt loops
  • Prepared for SEESMART RV33 CE-level 1 Insert Hip Protectors
  • SEESMART CE-level 1 Knee Protectors
Outer shell material:
  • Polyester 600D
  • Polyester mesh
  • Laminated reflection at calves

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Sizing Information

We measured and tried on a selection of these pants and developed the table below to help you choose a size that is right for you. The waist sizes we are showing are smaller than what REV’IT! publishes in their literature (just an FYI) and smaller than you might expect if you were choosing the size you normally wear in men’s clothing. If you need help measuring, take the link below. Most shoppers will need to go up one size from what they normally wear in men’s clothing.

We suggest taking a pair of your favorite jeans and laying them on a flat surface with the waist buttoned. Take a measuring tape or string and start at the left side with 0 or the end of the string and pull it tight across the front of the pants where a belt would run with your hands at either side pulling the material tight with the tape or string lined up with the edges. Then either read the tape measure or hold the string next to a yardstick or tape measure to find the length, double that number and you have a comfortable waist measurement for your favorite jeans. Apply that measurement to the size chart below.

The pants have belt loops at the waist so you can utilize any belt you have or go with a REV’IT! Safeway belt (see related products below) to get a more custom fit. We are showing about a two inch range with the max estimate being as large as the pants will comfortably accommodate and the smallest being the size to safely measure out to if you plan to wear a belt. We’ve included an unusual field on these pants, a cuff measurement. We felt the need to disclose it since there is no adjustability and the pants have a bit of a tapered fit compared to most riding pants. While this style is larger at the cuff than the original Eclipse pants, it still fits smaller than most riding pants in the calf so I would suggest you take a look at this field if you have larger calves as it might be restrictive.

These pants are available in regular, short, and tall inseam sizes, so we’ve included inseam lengths in the chart as well.

Pant Size Waist Estimate Inseam Reg Inseam Short Inseam Tall Cuff Estimate
Small 29-31.5 34 32 36 15
Med 31-33.5 34 32 35.5 15.5
Large 33-35.5 34 32.5 35.5 16
XL 35-37.5 35 32 35.5 16
XXL 37-39.5 35 32 35.5 16
XXXL 39-41.5 34 32 36 16.5
XXXXL 41-43.5 34 32 36 16.5

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The REV’IT! Eclipse 2 pants are an updated style for Spring 2023 to go along with their updated best selling Eclipse 2 jackets. The main updates are new colorways to match the updated Eclipse 2 jackets, and a slightly larger (about 3” larger compared to the original style) cuff!

The Eclipse 2 pants are constructed much like the jacket, a 600D polyester in key impact areas like the seat and knees is matched with a polyester mesh in the remainder of the body of the pants for maximum airflow. The pants come with Seesmart CE level 1 armor at the knees which is thin and flexible but still protects. The knee armor is fairly long so it gives you good coverage, and the armor pocket has two pockets in one at the base so you can move the armor up about a half inch if needed. You can add optional Seesmart RV-33 hip protectors (see related products below).

The pants fit smaller than typical for even REV’IT!, but once you measure out and find the correct size they are a comfortable fit. The thin flexible armor goes almost unnoticed. There are two hook and loop pockets on the seat and two zippered pockets on the front for some storage. The styling is very subtle and aside from the mesh, they would almost pass as a chino at first glance. There is a small strip of reflective material at the back cuffs for some nighttime visibility.

Overall I really like these pants and I think REV’IT! has done a great job with them. My only call outs are the fit being a little off from the norm and there is no adjustability at the cuff. If you have large calves these probably aren’t the pants for you, unfortunately. But for everyone else, this is a great mesh summer pant option for urban commuters especially. They should flow plenty of air and they have the quality REV’IT! has built their brand around baked in as well. :: Mike, 07-29-2023

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