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Oxford Spartan Sport Jackets (MD Only)

  • Waterproof membrane
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Adjustable hook & loop waist
  • Reflective piping
  • Approved elbow and shoulder armour
  • Short connecting zip

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Sizing Information

We checked the fit on these jackets with our size mannequins and we also spot checked a few different size jackets with a tape and we found this jacket to run about a half size small. Most people will find they need one size larger than they wear in men’s clothing, but because of the sizing uncertainty, we suggest you choose a size based upon your chest and belly measurements using the chart below.

You’ll want to use a soft tape and ask a friend to measure your chest and also your belly. If you need advice on how to do that, use the link below. Once you have a number for both your chest and belly, use the chart below to choose the smallest jacket size that is large enough for both.

Aside from this jacket running smaller than the size would indicate, the overall cut of the jacket is an “American” fit, meaning it has a roomy fit and will work well for most body types included larger frame people. Those who are small-framed and those who prefer a trim “European” cut may want to choose a European cut brand like REVIT or Alpinestars.

A larger cut jacket like this should easily accommodate the addition of a back protector if you decide to add one, so there is no need to up-size.

Alpha Size Max Chest Size Max Belly
XS 37 35
Small 39 37
Medium 41 39
Large 43 41
XL 45 43
XXL 47 45
XXXL 51 48
XXXXL 54 51
XXXXXL 57 54

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Spartan Sport jacket by Oxford is an “entry level” shorter waist solid textile jacket with a waterproof liner and armor for the shoulders and elbows. It also has provisions for adding a back protector.

Oxford makes the “Spartan” line of entry level, basic jackets and pants. The Spartan products are, well… spartan. They are made to be functional and VERY inexpensive.

I just reviewed this jacket’s bigger brother… the Spartan Touring jacket, which is similar but with the longer 3/4 cut in the torso. This one is a shorter waist, more sport style jacket. The feature list and functionality are much the same as the Touring version, so some of what you see below is copy/paste.

The shell is made of reasonably heavy duty solid textile material which gives the basic abrasion resistance you need in a motorcycle jacket. You also get a basic set of molded shoulder and elbow protectors which are labeled CE level 1. The protectors are standard fare and are similar to what you’ll find in other lower priced jackets. You can also add a back protector to the jacket, which is an energy absorbing rubber type similar to D3O. It’s pretty nice and worth the few extra bucks. You can use the link below to order.

Inside this jacket is a simple nylon liner and between the inside liner and the textile shell is a waterproof liner. You can even lay hands on the waterproof liner by opening the zipper in the tail of the jacket where you install the back protector. The waterproof liner is kinda underwhelming. It is a pretty thin feeling, but it looks like it would keep water out. It’s nothing special with regard to “breathability” for sure. It reminds me of a hefty trash bag. But like with other jackets with a permanently installed WP liner, the liner is tucked away between layers and won’t get much abuse, so it doesn’t need to be very strong. In fact, more exotic and expensive WP layer can be quite thin… almost transparent (think breathability).

Knowing about the WP layer suggests this jacket is NOT for hot weather use. There are no external zippers on this jacket. Not even the inside liner is breathable mesh like most. I’d recommend this jacket for mild to cold weather use with or without rain. Speaking of cold weather, there is a full sleeve liner included too, which will give you one more layer of insulation against the cold. Honestly, this removable liner doesn’t feel “plushy” like with more expensive jackets so it might not do so well in cold weather but certainly will help in cooler weather. In cold weather, you might want to try some layers you already own with more insulation.

Pockets are the major disappointment with this jacket. There are two hand warmer pockets in front and ZERO pockets inside. What makes it worse is that the two hand warmer pockets in front don’t close with and zipper and they are shallow too! So, for use on a motorcycle, this jacket essentially doesn’t have any storage at all. Night time reflectives are another disappointment… there aren’t any even though the manufacturer’s feature list calls out “Reflective piping”. There is a short rear zipper in the back that will mate with Oxford pants. This jacket does have decent adjusters on the sides of the waist and on the ends of the sleeves to fine tune the fit. And the neck is trimmed out so it is comfortable on your neck.

Aside from the shortcomings here it is still an 80 dollar jacket, so complaining seems entitled. But the Touring version of this jacket doesn’t have as many shortcoming and it isn’t undersized, so I like it better than this one for my 80 paltry bucks. :: Paul, 07-03-19

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