Joe Rocket Dakota Jacket ::

Joe Rocket Dakota Jacket

  • 1.0 to 1.2mm natural cowhide
  • Tailored, relaxed fit
  • Pockets for optional armor at shoulders, elbows and back (sold separately)
  • Quilted, removable full-sleeve thermal liner
  • Inside storage pockets
  • 2 hand zippered hand pockets and 1 exterior zippered chest pocket
  • Mandarin-style collar with snap closure
  • Zippered cuff opening
  • Adjustment snaps at waist and cuffs
  • YKK zippers
  • Embroidered logos
  • Reflective panels at shoulders

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Sizing Information

This jacket comes standard without armor inserts in the shoulders and elbows where most Joe Rocket styles have the armor installed. Without the armor, the jacket fits larger than expected, by about one size. Those who don’t plan on adding armor can choose one size smaller than they normally wear, but if you plan on adding armor, then choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

You can choose a size based upon your measured chest size using Joe Rocket’s size chart which we find to be accurate assuming you plan to add armor. We also tried on a Med and XL on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey and they look great (view those shots by taking the View Larger Images link above).

If you have a bit of a belly you can measure your belly with a tape to make sure the jacket size you choose will be big enough. The max belly size for each jacket is about 4” less than the chest size. For example, the men’s XL has a 46-48 inch chest and a max belly of about 42 to 44 inches. The side buckles on the torso allow you to snug down the effective waist size by about 4” total.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Joe Rocket’s new Dakota jacket is an all leather street riders jacket with a very classic “cruiser” style. Armor is optional and a removable thermal liner is included.

The Dakota is a very “standard” cut cruiser leather jacket. Its got Joe Rocket’s standard “American” fit with average body and torso length. Joe Rocket is currently making about four styles in this general genre. What sets this jacket apart from the rest is the tan/brown stripes over the shoulder. All the other styles are black with black or white or cream accents. The colors here remind me of styles popular in the ‘70s. Personally, I think it is a sharp jacket. About the only “modern” touch is the generous strip of reflective material right at the base of the color stripes on the bicep area of the sleeve. Anything you can do to be seen better by other motorists is a good thing, right?

The jacket comes “armor ready”, which means it has pockets built into the liner to add armor inserts in the shoulders and elbows and back. As I mentioned in the sizing advice the jacket is sized so that it will fit “true” with armor in the jacket and is pretty roomy without the armor installed. I think most people will use this jacket without the armor because they want something casual and sharp that is lightweight a works well for casual use. Take a look at our sizing advice and consider the armor issue before selecting a size.

Being a solid leather style without venting, this jacket will work best in all seasons OTHER than the hot summer. For spring, fall and winter, this should work nicely. The jacket comes with a removable full sleeve thermal liner to add a bit of insulation in colder weather. :: Paul, 10-02-19

Joe Rocket says: The Joe Rocket Dakota jacket offers a tailored, relaxed fit in a classic design. Constructed from natural cowhide, the Dakota jacket features a removable full-sleeve thermal liner, mandarin style collar and pockets for optional armor (sold separately). Reflective elements on the sleeves are done in black for an added layer of stealth visibility.