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Icon Contra 2 Leather Pants


  • ICON® Overpant Fit


  • Premium Leather and Textile Chassis


  • Pant Tested and Certified According to FprEN 17902-4 Class A D30® Removable Hip and Knee Impact Protectors - EN 1621-2:2014 / EN 1621-1:2012


  • Inseam Zippers for easy on/off
  • Reflective Accents
  • Adjustable Waist Straps

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Sizing Information

The waist of these pants is measuring larger than expected as compared to Icon’s standard sizing chart. One of the probable reasons the measured waist is larger than expected may be because they are meant to be worn as overpants, so they are cut large to accommodate fitting over your street clothes. I put together a chart below to help you choose a size based upon your measured waist. Be sure to measure your waist OVER the street clothes you’ll likely wear underneath. Choose a pant size based on your measurement and the “Our Est Max Waist” column in the chart.

If you are wearing these pants with a compatible Icon jacket, you can use the waist zipper to hold them up, or alternately, the pants have belt loops you can use with your own belt to snug them down. The pants have built in side waist adjusters but unfortunately I find those adjusters just don’t work well (see more about this in our review).

Pant Size Icon WaistEst Our Est Max Waist Inseam
Small 30 33 32
Medium 32 35 32
Large 34 37 32
XL 36 39 33
XXL 38 41 33
XXXL 40 43 33
XXXXL 42 45 33

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Icon’s Contra 2 pants are new in 2020 and made to match with the new Contra 2 jackets. These pants are a combination of leather and textile and are built to be worn over street clothes. Hip and knee armor is included.

Wow, these Contra 2 pants are heavy duty feeling! The impact areas… the knees/shins and seat are all heavy weight leather. The rest of the pant is heavy textile material. The combination is sharp and having part of the pant be textile cuts down on the overall weight. These pants feel heavy just as they are. I think if they were all leather, they’d be over the top, so I think it is a good design choice. The color here is all-black as to mate well with nearly any jacket.

Speaking of mating… there is a half-around zipper included to connect to Icon jackets. When zipped to the Contra 2 jacket, you’ll have a really heavily armored outfit for the street. You’ll be just one notch away from a full 2pc race suit, but with the Contra 2, the pants are more practical since they have long leg zippers to make them useful as “overpants”. You can use these pants over your street shorts, pants or jeans, and then just step out of them when you arrive. The overall fit of these pants is large enough to fit over your clothes and over your boots too.

These pants, being mostly black leather will be warm to wear and will work well for you in colder temps. for warmer days, there are zip vents on each front thigh to allow some air flow. Even with zip vents though, I wouldn’t recommend them for hot summer months.

D3O armor is supplied for the knees and hips. The knee armor height is adjustable. The knee armor pocket inside the pant has three openings so depending upon which opening you choose, it gives you a high-medium-low position.

While the overall build quality of the pants is top notch, I’m a little disappointed in the design of the side waist adjusters. As I mentioned in my sizing advice, you’ll have to rely on the connection zipper to the jacket to hold them up or you’ll need to use your own belt to snug the waist if you don’t get a perfect fit with the size you choose. The pants have side waist adjusters, but with the pair we worked with, they just don’t work. They are kind of “light duty” in general and even when adjusted down to the tightest position, they don’t have enough force to snug down the waist at all. Bummer, must just be a design oversight. But anyway, aside from that, I really like the pants and the versatility they’ll give to a street/sport rider. Considering the pants come with armor, the price is very reasonable too. :: Paul, 05-18-20

Icon says: High-performance features with pure motorcycle styling, the Contra2™ Leather overpant blends the abrasion resistance of premium-grade cowhide with the wearability of textile, resulting in the perfectly-balanced riding pant. Zip it to the Contra2™ jacket to keep your gear on lock. The chassis is paired with 3-position D3O® knee impact protectors and hip armor, resulting in a resilient piece of riding gear. Inseam zippers make for an easy on and off procedure, and the adjustable waist straps allow for a fine-tuned overpant fit. The reflective hits stack the odds in your favor

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