Cortech The Voodoo Olive Wax Cotton Riding Shirt ::

Cortech The Voodoo Olive Wax Cotton Riding Shirt

  • 12oz 100% cotton double waxed denim outer layer
  • Fully lined with Syncromesh high tenacity abrasion-resistant mesh
  • Elbows and shoulder impact zones contain a layer of Dupont™ Kevlar®
  • Snap and zippered main closure
  • Snap front chest and zippered hand pockets
  • Single snap shirt cuff
  • 3 interior storage pockets, including dual snap conceal carry pouch
  • YKK® zippers and antiqued hardware
  • Includes CE level-1 shoulder and elbow armor
  • Optional back pad available

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Sizing Information

We checked the fit on these shirts with our size mannequins and we also spot checked a few different size shirts with a tape. We feel this model runs true to size. The shirts are sold in ordinary “alpha” sizes, so you can choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

For those that want to check the size based upon their chest measurement, I put together the chart below. Check both your chest and belly and make sure the size you choose is big enough for both. The overall cut of this shirt is ideal for street riding. Sleeve lengths are average if not a bit shorter than average. The sleeve itself seems to be a normal length, but with the shoulder armor installed, it has the effect of making the sleeve length feel a bit shorter. If you normally have trouble with sleeves being too short, this probably isn’t the shirt for you, but if you are average or short in the sleeve length department, you’ll probably like this one.

Alpha Size Max Chest Size Max Belly
XS 38 36
Small 40 38
Medium 42 40
Large 44 40
XL 46 44
XXL 48 46
XXXL 50 48

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Voodoo Wax Cotton Riding Shirt another alternative to the standard motorcycle jacket. This one is made of a heavy cotton outer shell which just a touch of wax treatment, which gives it a retro look. This shirt has reinforcements in crash prone areas but also has an extra layer of abrasion resistant mesh material as the liner. It comes with shoulder and elbow armor and has space for a back protector.

2019 is the first year we’ve seen riding shirts that have been reinforced by a heavy duty nylon liner on the inside. Most shirts like this will have a layer of Kevlar fabric (or similar) in the shoulder and elbows are, or even throughout the whole shirt. This shirt does the Kevlar fabric in the shoulders and elbows and then they’ve substituted the regular nylon liner used in most jackets for an abrasion resistant layer. The inside liner feels like the shell material used in a typical mesh jacket. Softer material is used to form the pockets of the armor inserts so those areas that rub against your skin aren’t abrasive and feel OK. We like the concept of adding the abrasion layer in the liner (or mid-layer). It opens up the possibilities for a stylish design like this with alternate outer-layer fabrics.

The shell of this jacket has a slight wax coating. It isn’t so much much you’ll rub it and think “yuck”, but it does serve the function of making the material water resistant. The shell isn’t windproof so some air will flow through as you ride. I’d estimate it to be similar to a heavy denim shirt, or maybe slightly less. But anyway, it should breathe pretty well and so it should be comfortable between cool and very warm weather. And it should perform in a light rain (but not for heavy or prolonged rain).

Like most other “shirt-jackets” like this one, there is a front zipper closure behind the snaps in the front to make it safer in case of a fall. CE rubberized armor inserts are included for the shoulders and elbows. There is a pocket for the addition of a back protector. As of this writing, Cortech hasn’t offered their own back protector option so I’m suggesting the D3O unit in CE Level 1 for the back, so take the link below to order.

One area I’d have to complain a bit about is the fit of the shirt with the stock shoulder and elbows armor inserts. That type of armor is fairly thick and makes the shoulders feel a bit snug to me, and it also has the effect of make the sleeves fit a bit shorter. Other brands with similar products have been using thinner armor such as REVIT Seesmart and Dainese Pro-Shape types. If you have average to slim shoulders this probably won’t make much difference but those with wider shoulders and/or longer arms may run into this. If that sounds like you, consider another shirt and/or consider buying thinner armor to replace the stock units. I really do like the look and feel of the heavier cotton shell on this jacket (as compared to flannel) because it just feels more substantial and I also like the look of the wax cotton material. :: Paul, 09-30-19

Cortech says: “The Voodoo” waxed cotton riding shirt has no business being in the boardroom. Designed and built to protect, the magic of “The Voodoo” will defend against the dangers of the city-life or 2-lane blacktop.

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