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D3O CE Approved Back Pad

Use in sport jackets and suits that have pockets for the addition of back armor

  • High performance shock absorption
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Extremely comfortable
  • CE certification

There are two levels of protection offered in these back pads. The overall length and width of the two versions is identical but the level 2 protectors are made thicker and are heavier (by about 50%). I cannot see or feel any difference in the actual material used to make the two different levels. See below for overall dimensions and comparable thicknesses.

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Sizing Information

This back pad should fit in the pockets of many jackets, but you should compare the picture of the back pad to the shape of the back protector pocket in your jacket.

Actual dimensions are as follows:

Size Widest point (near top) Narrowest point (near bottom) Length
Mens 10.5 inches 5 inches 16 inches
Womens 9.5 inches 5 inches 14.25 inches

The level 1 back pad thickness is approx. 7/16” and the level two piece is approx. 11/16” thick. So the level two pieces are about 50% thicker.

Our Two Cents

We’ve seen this brand of armor used in FirstGear and Icon products and we like it a lot. And now you can purchase it separately (not just with a new apparel item). We think there are lots of folks out there with older-style armor that would want a good replacement/upgrade. This armor is thinner and softer than most and would enhance the enjoyment of wearing your favorite gear. We’ve taken a couple pictures with a yard stick so you can see where we took our measurements; you’ll also see what the other side of the back pad looks like. These happen to be pics of the women’s size, but you’ll get the idea. Sorry about the color of the images, we couldn’t get our lighting quite right. The back pad looks more like the first image, which is from the manufacturer.

Here is the manufacturer’s technical description: An advanced, patented polymer, CE-rated D3O® impact protectors are the latest advancement in protective armor. D3O® impact protectors utilize intelligent molecules that lock together on impact. Because of this, the impact protector can be made thinner and lighter, making a jacket or pants more comfortable and easier to wear. However, this decreased size does not come at the expense of impact protection. D3O material has very low compression set properties allowing the material to return to its original form after repeated loading or compression. D3O can also recover from multiple impacts. However in the cases of extreme forces the ability to recover fully may be compromised.

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