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Alpinestars SP-1 Leather Jacket

With a range of track-tested performance and protection innovations, the SP-1 Jacket is constructed from premium leather and incorporates strategically positioned leather accordion and poly-textile stretch panels for an excellent sport riding fit while offering comfort and flexibility.


  • Durable 1.3 mm premium leather construction with flexible leather accordion stretch panels on the elbows and upper arms for contoured fit and comfort.
  • Removable CE-certified, race-developed internal protectors offer lightweight performance and superior impact protection to shoulders and elbows.
  • Newly developed shoulder protection features over-molded advanced TPU guard layered under the outer fabric for optimized levels of protection and comfort.
  • Chest pad and back compartments with advanced poly-foam padding (Alpinestars Nucleon chest and back protection available as accessory upgrade).
  • Snap button system to integrate the Level 2 CE certified Alpinestars Nucleon Back protector.
  • Large accordion leather stretch inserts on elbows and upper arms for movement on the bike and which help reduce rider arm fatigue.
  • Strategically placed stretch poly-textile panels on underarms, torso and rear shoulder helps movement and comfort on the bike.
  • Inner waterproof pocket plus internal compartments for safe and convenient storage.
  • D-ring waist adjustment helps keep jacket firmly in place and ensures precision fit.
  • Internal mesh inserts on collar and cuffs for improved comfort and airflow.
  • Cuff adjustment includes snaps and semi-auto locking zips for range of fit and improved comfort, plus snap button fixtures on collar and waist.
  • Waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding pants.
  • Fixed mesh lining to improve comfort and ventilation with multiple compartment pockets.
  • External zippered pockets plus inner waterproof compartment for safe peace-of-mind storage.

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Sizing Information

This product is sold in European sizes. We measured a selection of these jackets and also tried them on our Fit Check mannequins. The overall sizing of the jackets is accurate to the Alpinestars sizing chart for overall chest size (US chest size in inches is approximately 10 points less than the European jacket size). I’d suggest you measure yourself with a tape to get your chest size, and if you have a bit of a belly you can also check your max belly. If you know your suit coat size, that works too. Then you can use Alpinestars new size chart to pick the smallest size jacket that will be big enough for both your chest and belly using the chart.

Full on race jackets typically have a “drop” from chest to waist of about 5” to 8”, and this one tapers around 5” to 6” so it is very “usual” for this style jacket. The jacket has a couple snap-close tabs at the waist to snug up the waist band about 2” of you have any extra room.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Sizing Tip for Those Using Upgraded Armor: Adding upgraded back protection and chest pads will take up some room in the jacket so when making your size selection add to your chest size if you plan on using the thicker back protection and/or chest protectors. I’d advise you to add 1” if you use an upgraded back pad and also an inch for chest pad upgrades. So if you plan on buying both, then add a full 2” to your chest size before making your size selection.

Our Two Cents

Alpinestars has introduced two new leather sport jackets for 2018…. the SP-1 Leather Jacket and the SP-1 Airflow Leather Jacket. Both jackets are the same except the Airflow model has perforated leather and the standard jacket is solid leather. Please take a look at our photo gallery and you’ll be able to see the perfs on the Airflow model. I’d say 89% of the leather is perfed on that model. If you ride in mild to hot weather, choose the Airflow version, but if you mostly ride in mild to colder weather, then the solid version would be the choice.

The SP-1 jacket price comes in a bit below other/similar sport jackets in the Alpinestars lineup. The overall ruggedness and protection features are the same as the other jackets, but this model sheds a few of the more advanced features, such as removable thermal liners, zippered vents and external hard armor. Also the color selections are more basic. But if you like the looks and want the Alpinestars sport fit and protection features, then you’ll be pleased with the lower price point.

Both versions of this jacket comes with a full-around connection zipper for attaching to Alpinestars sport pants so you can put yourself together a very nice 2pc race suit, but still have the flexibility to wear the jacket alone with other pants. And another nice feature is the water proof breast pocket just inside the main zipper which is perfect for your tech items or wallet. You also get two front zip-close hand warmer pockets.

To get a good fit and to be comfortable in the riding position, the SP-1 incorporates fabric panels in the underarm and in the side of the torso. These panels are more flexible and light than leather and so they help you move and give better flex than leather. Also there are leather accordion panels on the arms to give some extra flex. I also notice a firm armor piece built into the shoulder area which gives a bit of style and also beefs up the impact protection. And of course the shoulders and elbows are fitted with removable CE protectors.

The SP-1 has all the features you should have in a sport leather style, but trims the feature list to keep the cost in check. You really can’t buy a sport jacket with more highly engineered armor options than with the Alpinestars brand. This is really a nice unit. :: Paul, 10-23-17

Armor Upgrade Options: Alpinestars offers upgraded chest and back protectors for this sport jacket. We’ve listed the Nucleon chest protector option below along with the two most common upgrades for the back protector. All these protectors install in the pockets built into the jacket. You install these in place of the foam pieces that come with the jacket (the foam pieces are just placeholders and not particularly protective).

This jacket also has an upper snap to hold the top side of the more elaborate back protector options that are worn on the body (and have a wide kidney belt). The standalone back pads aren’t used as commonly in sport jackets like this, but rather are mostly sold to be worn with race suits, but the option is open to you. View all the options here.

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