Alpinestars Fastback WP Jacket - 2015 ::

Alpinestars Fastback WP Jacket - 2015 (Sold Out)

  • 600 denier textile is reinforced with PU coating for increased abrasion resistance and durability
  • Full-length, 100% waterproof lining for high levels of comfort and weather protection
  • Removable long-sleeve thermal liner jacket with poly-fabric collar ensures jacket versatility and comfort in cold and hot conditions
  • Class-leading, CE-certified elbow and shoulder protectors for added impact protection
  • Chest and Back protector compartments with advanced poly-foam comfort padding (CE-certified Nucleon back protector insert sold separately)
  • Soft poly-fabric comfort edge around collar
  • Velcro cuff adjustment for improved riding fit
  • Velcro waistband and collar allows for highly personalized and secure fit in various riding positions
  • Extended and reinforced lower back for riding comfort
  • Pre-curved sleeves for improved comfort and performance in the riding position
  • External hand pockets, plus internal pockets and waterproof wallet pocket; pockets are zipped for peace-of mind closure
  • Full circumference waist zipper to allow attachment of Alpinestars’ riding pants

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Sizing Information

These jackets are sold in US based “alpha” sizes. Alpinestars publishes a super-complicated size chart which can be used to pick a size based upon your chest and waist. We’ve condensed their chart down to make it easy to read (see below).

This particular style runs a bit smaller than other recent models we’ve tested from Alpinestars. The fit is definitely “European” because the jackets we tried on our fit check mannequins Huey and Dewey fit good and look good, but they don’t have much extra room. My measurements of other sizes confirms this.

If you like a very trim fit, then you’ll like this style in the size you normally choose, but if you prefer a more “American” fit or you are between sizes, I’d recommend you choose a size larger than you usually wear. And since this jacket has a pretty trim fit, you’ll also want to check your belly (if you have one) and make sure the jacket size you pick is big enough for your mid-section as well as your chest.

Jacket Size Chest Range Waist/Belly Range
Small 37.5 to 39 31 to 32.5
Medium 40 to 41.5 33.5 to 35
Large 42 to 43.5 36 to 37.5
XL 44.5 to 46 38 to 40
XXL 47 to 49 40.5 to 42
XXXL 49 to 51 43 to 44.5
XXXXL 51.5 to 53 45 to 47

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Today, I’m looking at two new sport textile styles for 2015 by Alpinestars… the Fastback WP Jacket and also the T-GP R WP Jacket. Both are SO similar in function, I thought it might be helpful to compare the two and also compare with the previously reviewed T-Jaws Waterproof jacket.

All these jackets offer a pretty standard abrasion-resistant textile shell. And to make the jacket waterproof, the inside liner is made of a waterproof and breathable material. If you open the zipper at the very bottom of the liner, you can see all the seams are “taped” to prevent water intrusion. The T-Jaws and the T-GP R WP both have some zippered venting, but the more basic Fastback does not, however the airflow from the zip vents will only reach past the shell into the area between the outer shell and interior lining (and not reach your skin), so the overall effect will be reduced. So while a couple vents will do SOME good, I’d really recommend these jackets for cold to mild weather and of course wet weather, but not hot weather. All three styles come with a full sleeve, very nice thermal liner which should provide a lot of insulation for very cold temps.

For protection all three styles have the same CE protectors in the shoulders and elbows and foam pads for the back and chest (upgradable, see below). Alpinestars is now a leader in offering CE rated upgrades that go well beyond what other brands have to offer, so if protection is a big priority, then these are great choices.

All three styles have some nicely integrated reflectives which will allow you to be seen more easily at night. We’ve taken some “night” shots so you can see the reflective pieces in action. Just take the “View Larger Images” link above to see all those close-up pics including the night shots and fit check shots.

For everyday riding, all three have a good selection of pockets on the front, an inside wallet pocket and a few patch pockets both on the liner and in the jacket’s inner liner (so you’ll have the same pocket setup whether or not you are using the insulated liner). The jackets also have a zipper for connection to pants.

So what’s different? Well, styling of course, which you can see for yourself. I’d characterize the Fastback as the most “basic” as it comes without the zip venting. The T-GP R WP has some pretty neat exterior upgrades such as the TPU molded shoulder protectors you can see on the outside. Also, it has some nice molded pieces on the torso (check the pics). In addition, the T-GP R WP has some stretch textile behind the shoulders to help with reach and mobility (the Fastback should have been the Plainback?? ha). To boil it down, the three styles we are talking about here follow the basic good/better/best strategy, but all are nice jackets with more or less similar functionality. I really am beginning to think Alpinestars has the best jackets these days. They’ve always been high quality and we have near zero warranty issues with them, but with the addition of the new Nucleon armor options, they are really on top. :: Paul, 03-18-15

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