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Alpinestars HT Heat Tech Vest

The HT Heat Tech Vest features Alpinestars Heat Tech System which distributes perfectly balanced warmth in the coldest of conditions. The smart system has a double system for optimum performance in cold weather; a manual control via an LED button with three pre-set heat settings AND an automatic heating control system.


  • The automatic heating control system has a temperature sensor embedded inside the vest to continuously check the rider’s temperature in order to provide and maintain the pre-set heating temperature for supreme riding comfort
  • Smartphone Alpinestars Heat Tech App (as used on Alpinestars Heat Tech gloves) for turning the vest ON/OFF and to precisely set and control the internal temperature via a Bluetooth® connection
  • Dual power: the vest can be plugged to the bike battery or used with the high performance 12v Lithium Battery (included with the vest) for reliable, long-lasting power to the Alpinestars Heat Tech System
  • Alpinestars Heat Tech System features superior Graphene heating panels which ensure greater efficiency and heat distribution, as well as being more breathable, flexible and robust over time
  • The four heating panels are strategically positioned on the chest, lower back and back of the neck for optimum heating performance
  • The vest is constructed from a blend of soft materials (polyester/stretch) optimized for enhanced rider comfort
  • The front closure features an asymmetric angled zipper for reduced material bulk when worn under other layers
  • The vest is equipped with a pocket on the bottom right side to safely and securely store the battery
  • There is a visible button on the bottom right side that activates the heating system
  • Internal soft brushed mesh panels cover the Graphene heating plackets for enhanced rider comfort
  • Reflective prints on back and front
  • The rear is elongated for greater coverage and protection from the elements in the riding positions

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Sizing Information

The Heat Tech Vest is designed as a mid-layer and therefore it has a more snug fit than typical jackets. It has a fit very similar to Alpinestars race fit jackets which is to say they fit very snug and are meant to fit skin tight. Most people will be able to wear the size they normally wear in men’s clothing, but because of the very close fit, we recommend you measure your chest and belly and use the size chart below. The vest does have some stretch material on the sides so you will have a little flexibility from the number provided.

Alpha Size Our Estimate of
Max Chest Size (inches)
Our Estimate of
Max Belly Size (inches)
Small 36 36
Medium 38 38
Large 40 40
XL 42 42
XXL 45 45
XXXL 48 48
XXXXL 51 51

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Our Two Cents

The Alpinestars Heat Tech Vest is part of the new Heat Tech line which also includes several glove models.

The Heat Tech Vest has a power button at the waist or you can connect it to the Alpinestars Heat Tech App to turn it off/on and control the temperature. The App also allows you to see the battery life remaining. A neat feature of this vest is that you have the option to use the included battery, or you can use the included cable which uses a DIN Hella plug (fancy name for cigarette lighter) and draws power from the motorcycle.

I like the versatility this power combo offers and the vest seems to warm up enough on the battery to keep you warm if you’re wearing a quality outer-layer jacket over the top. The instruction booklet makes a point to not use the vest if it is wet, so be sure you have a waterproof layer on over it if you expect inclement weather. The heating elements are on both sides of the chest, the lower back, and the upper back near the neck. The maximum heating temperature is 60°C/140°F on the highest, Red setting. The vest has 3 heating levels denoted by the color on the power button. Red is the highest, followed by Orange and finally Green. A quick press on the power button cycles between the heat levels. You can also set the temperature in the app by sliding or using the +/- buttons but the setting is actually a percentage and not temperature. So I am just guessing that 60°C/140°F is 100% so if you do a little math you can probably find the temperature percentage that you want to set it at. For Fahrenheit ((Desired Temp/140)x100) or if you use Celsius ((Desired Temp/60)x100).

I like the asymmetric zipper style, it’s just offset enough to not line up with another garment so you don’t get a stacked zipper pooch. The fit of the vest is about as expected and the stretch panels help if you’re close on size. It’s designed to be worn tight on a base layer (t-shirt or other) so the stretch is meant to keep it tight on the body so it doesn’t interfere with your outer garment.

I think Alpinestars has done a good job with their first toe-dip in heated gear. They’ve made some innovative changes by adding the choice of using an app to control it, and the dual power option makes the vest versatile enough for on or off the bike use. :: Mike, 03/07/22

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