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REV'IT! Liberty H2O Heated Gloves

The heated Liberty H2O motorcycle gloves have been specifically designed to be highly protective, waterproof, and feature our high-tech THERMOTRONIC technology system that is meant to keep your hands at the ideal temperature of around 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit), regardless of weather influences such as wind, moist and cold.

The THERMOTRONIC features 4 different heating levels (from higher heat to lower heat) that can easily be adjusted with the large button on the upper part of the glove. Thanks to the colored ring around the button, it’s very easy to see what level of warmth your motorcycle gloves are providing.

The outside of the motorcycle gloves is constructed with a flexible softshell on the upper side, and leather on the inside of the hand. An additional grip patch on the palm further provides more control of the handlebars of your motorcycle. We combined Exkin® Platinum with PrimaLoft Gold ® insulation to keep your hands warm and comfortable in the cold. By using a hard-shell knuckle protector combined with a TPU palm slider, the motorcycle gloves offer a heavy dose of protection in case of a mishap. And since it has an incorporated hydratex|Z-liner construction, 100% waterproofing is guaranteed.

Additionally, reflective stripes and logos are added to the top of the hands for increased visibility. And let’s not forget the inclusion of the Connect Finger Tip fabric that allows you to operate touchscreens without removing your hand protection, especially when it’s cold out.

Keep your hands comfortable even when temperatures take a dive with the Liberty H2O motorcycle gloves.

  • Adjustment strap at wrist
  • The hook-and-loop adjustment strap at the wrist allows for optimum adjustability and fit when using our gloves. Find the ideal tightness and comfort every time it is used.
  • Stretch at fingers
  • Stretch lips at fingers
  • Elastic drawcord at cuff to adjust fit of the cuff of the glove.
  • Wrist strap
  • Tri-fleece liner : This polyester tricot fabric is used for glove lining, and brushed to provide extra warmth without adding any bulk. The lining wicks moisture away, to prevent hands from getting damp.
Heating Features:
  • Heating System: Fixed REV’IT! Thermotronic heating technology system set containing two 7.4V batteries and micro-USB lead
  • MODE 1: 25% – White – Eco – 375 minutes (6.25 hrs)
  • MODE 2: 50% – Yellow – Medium – 300 minutes (5 hrs)
  • MODE 3: 75% – Orange – High – 225 minutes (3.75 hrs)
  • MODE 4: 100% – Red – Boost – 150 minutes (2.5 hrs)
  • Charge Time: 4-5 hours using wall charger
Conductive fingertip at index finger and thumb:
  • Never take off your gloves again to answer your phone or navigation system. The connect fingertip has been specifically designed to operate touch screens.
Grip panel at palm:
  • This part at the inside of the hands gives you extra grip and more control on the handlebars
  • Long cuff
Visor wiper:
  • The material used on the index finger of the glove has a visor wipe function. It helps clear water or moisture off the visor for better visibility when riding in wet weather.
  • hydratex®|Z-liner : A waterproof layer is laminated onto a carrier to construct the REV’IT! hydratex®|Z-liner membrane. The carrier, in turn, protects the membrane against wear-and-tear damage, and the seams of the membrane are taped to ensure waterproofing. The Z- liner is constructed between the lining and the outer shell. The REV’IT! hydratex®|Z-liner membrane is used in garments that demand a high level of all-weather protection.
  • Exkin® Platinum® insulation material : An extremely lightweight, soft and warm, multi-layer structure that adds very little thickness to the gloves. The optimal choice to keep your body warm, this padding is thin and perfectly soft, but still extremely warm. It is a non-woven fabric that reflects radiant heat loss back to the user in order to prevent convective heat loss when riding in colder climates.
  • Fixed REV’IT! Thermatronic heating technology system : Integrated 7.4V circuit heating system with adjustable heating levels.
  • High loft fur liner : This type of insulation mimics the natural insulation properties of animal fur, a high loft construction; containing more air then fiber; it is a type of natural insulation that traps in the heat.
  • PrimaLoft® Gold : PrimaLoft® Gold is a thin yet exceptionally warm, top-quality insulation. Its ultra-lightweight and packable properties allow for exceptional breathability, but all for moisture to escape; keeping the body warm in the cold and cool in the heat.
  • PrimaLoft® Gold Eco with Grip control 60g.
  • Hard shell knuckle
  • Temperfoam® palm slider
  • Temperfoam® thumb knuckle
  • TPU hard shell palm slider: Palm slider made of a durable and high abrasion resistant TPU material at the palm side of the glove. The palm slider makes sure that the glove slides in case the palm of the hand comes in contact with the asphalt. The abrasion resistance of gloves equipped with these sliders is greatly increased, thus reducing the risk of injury significantly.
Outer shell material
  • Connect finger tip fabric
  • Flock PU
  • Goat digital
  • Goatskin drum dyed with WR finish
  • Softshell 3L
  • Taslan
  • Twill stretch
  • Laminated reflection at finger
  • These gloves are certified according to the EN 13594 Standard, published in 2015 and have achieved level 1 KP rating. For more details about certification click here.

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Sizing Information

We’ve found that some REV’IT! sport gloves run a bit on the snug side as compared to most US based brands… much like Alpinestars. This glove is not so snug that I’d recommend you buy one size larger than normal, but certainly if you are between sizes, then choosing the larger of the two should work. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help

Our Two Cents

The REV’IT! Liberty H2O Heated gloves are a new frontier for REV’IT!, this is their first heated gear offering to come to market. It combines the heating aspect with tried and proven materials from other gloves in their line and the end result is a multi-season glove that most riders would be happy to have on hand.

REV’IT! has a multitude of glove options on the market and they basically break down by function, riding style, and fashion style. Their H2O (function) line of products features their hydratex® waterproof liners. In the Liberty H2O Heated gloves, this is a Z-liner which is laminated to the wind resistant softshell of the glove for increased durability and all weather protection. Below this hydratex® Z-liner is a layer of Exkin® Platinum® insulation that reflects heat downward, keeping the warmth inside the glove. The next layer is the REV’IT! Thermotronic heating technology system, a series of heating elements on a 7.4V system (more on this later). The interior liner of the gloves is a high loft fur liner that feels plush and traps heat around the hand. On the palm of the hand there is a thin layer of PrimaLoft® Gold insulation which is both lightweight and breathable while still maintaining high insulating properties and high dexterity on the controls. This PrimaLoft® Gold insulation keeps you warm in cold weather and cooler in hotter temps.

The outer shell of the gloves are a laminated softshell material on the backhand with a goatskin palm. There are overlays in the palm and down the lateral side of the gloves for increased durability. The palm also has a hard TPU slider over a Temperfoam® pad. There is another Temperfoam® pad on the backside of the thumb knuckle as well. The main knuckle is a hard shell protector. You get accorion stretch on the middle and ring fingers for comfort, and those fingers also have reflective overlays for improved visibility to other motorists. The index and thumb have touchscreen materials that work on phones here at the shop but it’s a little clunky, as expected for a somewhat bulkier glove with lots of layers. The cuff has a slightly extended cuff past the gauntlet that has a drawcord, allowing you to get a good seal against your jacket sleeve or arm. At the wrist there is also a hook and loop adjustment strap that tightens down for a secure fit.

Now let’s dive into the REV’IT! Thermotronic heating technology system on these Liberty H2O gloves. The heating elements are on the back of the hand and down the back of the fingers. The system is powered by two (one per glove) 7.4V rechargable batteries that connect to the gloves via a wire inside a pouch at the gauntlet. The first thing you want to do when you receive the gloves is charge the batteries. We may or may not know from experience that if you don’t charge them you might be disappointed in the heating output, but who would act like a kid on Christmas with a new toy when they came in for review? Not us, that’s for sure. The batteries come inside a box under the gloves in the package. This box contains both batteries and a dual charging USB cable.

When you install the batteries in the gloves, you have to hold down the power button on side of the BATTERY until the lights that display the battery life level illuminate. Those lights are next to the charging port on the battery itself. Once you’re charge, plugged in, and the battery is on, you can stow those batteries in the hook and loop closed pouch on the underside of the gauntlet. Next put the gloves on and press and hold the power button on the backhand of the glove, this is the round button with the REV’IT! logo on it, until the button lights up red. The gloves are now on in “Boost” mode, the top heating setting of 100%. The battery should last about 2.5 hours at that setting.

Pressing the round button cycles through the different power modes. Each power mode has a corresponding light color so that you can quickly and easily identify what setting you are using. The battery life estimates below are based on averages in testing and start with a fully charged battery. The modes are
Mode Name Power % Total Battery Life Estimate At This Power Level Button Light Color
Boost 100% power 2.5 hours RED
Performance/High 75% power 3.75 hours ORANGE
Normal/Medium 50% power 5 hours YELLOW
Eco 25% power 6.25 hours WHITE

Once you’re up to temperature you can set the heating to your comfort level and cruise. If you would like to turn them off, just hold down the round button on the outside of the gloves until the light goes out. When you stop, you can turn off the battery itself inside the gauntlet pouch as well to keep battery life optimal.

Overall the REV’IT! Liberty H2O Heated gloves are a great option for riders in cool to cold weather, rain or shine. The H2O liner will keep you dry and the Thermotronic system will keep you warm. A great heated glove option with armor and waterproofing for the touring or commuter rider. :: Mike, 12/20/2022

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