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REV'IT! Control Gloves

For the race enthusiast that need not compromise (without going full spec) meet the Control gloves. A blend of years’ worth of data and testing from our MotoGP riders delivered to your hands to use on your preferred track.

Built for speed and comfort Slip your hands into these gauntlet-style gloves and easily and secure them with a double cuff closure and a wrist strap. Making sure you have the precisely tailored tension every time while you throttle or brake your way through the apexes. Adding that extra bit of grip you’ll need at track speeds is the grip patch at the palm and thumb.

The body of it The body of Control gloves is comprised of a tough yet supple goat leather and cowhide, giving you the flexibility to move your hands freely from the get-go. But it doesn’t stop there. Kangaroo leather on the inside of the hand makes them even more durable and stronger, while at the same time, giving you a better feel of the handlebars. Add in the 3D air mesh at the back of the cuff straps and hands can stay cool when things heat.

Setting you up for success Pre-curved fingers, stretch in the places you need the most flexibility in (think thumb, finger lip and thump lips), and for the first time in our gloves’ history, outside finger binding helps set track riders up for success. Not to mention we also included a stretch panel on the inside of the hand for even more dexterity. A moisture-wicking tri-fleece liner has also been incorporated.

Incorporated safety High-impact absorption comes in the form of the SEESOFT foam at the palm and wrist, while Temperfoam® can be found at the back of the hand, cuff, fingers, palm, and more. Furthermore, a TPU hard knuckle, finger knuckles, and palm slider are there for you if you take a tumble.

  • Adjustment strap at wrist
  • Adjustment tab at cuff
  • Harmonica construction
  • Stretch at thumb
  • Stretch lips at fingers
  • Stretch lips at thumb
  • double cuff closure
  • Wrist strap
  • Moisture-wicking tri-fleece liner
  • conductive fingertip at index finger
  • Grip patch at palm
  • Grip patch at thumb
  • Long cuff
  • Outside stitching
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Ventilation holes
  • Little finger protection bridge
  • PWR|Yarn
  • SEESOFT at palm
  • SEESOFT at wrist
  • Temperfoam® at back of hand
  • Temperfoam® at cuff
  • Temperfoam® finger knuckles
  • Temperfoam® palm slider
  • Temperfoam® thumb knuckle
  • Temperfoam® underneath knuckle protector
  • TPU backhand protector
  • TPU cuff protector
  • TPU hard shell finger knuckles
  • TPU hard shell knuckle
  • TPU hard shell palm slider
  • TPU hard shell thumb protector
Outer shell material:
  • 3D air mesh
  • cowhide
  • Drum-dyed goatskin leather
  • goat digital with WR finish
  • Kangaroo leather
  • microfiber e-touch
  • PU (polyurethane) coated fabric
  • PWR|4-way stretch
  • These gloves are certified according to the EN 13594 Standard, published in 2015 and have achieved level 1 KP rating.

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Sizing Information

We find REVIT gloves run a bit on the snug side as compared to most US based brands. The fit is very similar to Alpinestars which also fit more snugly than other brands of gloves. The tendency to run small is not so noticeable that we’d advise you to buy one size larger, but if you are sometimes in between sizes, your best shot would be to choose larger. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

The REV’IT! Control Gloves are new for 2024 and come in slotted right under the full race prepped REV’IT! Jerez 3 gloves. These would be considered a solid replacement for the now discontinued Apex gloves and a great bet for either sport riding or for track days.

The Control gloves feature a pinky bridge, something that isn’t present on the Apex or the Jerez 3, an extra layer of protection for your pinkies and something that is new to REV’IT! as this is their first pair of gloves to feature it. Additionally the pinky finger features an extra layer of leather along the outside for added protection.

The main material is a combination of goat leather and cowhide but on the inside REV’IT! went with a Kangaroo leather which provides better feel and dexterity. As with most gloves some break in is required but since these gloves features Kangaroo leather on the inside and the fingers are precurved, comfort is high from the first time you wear them. I found them, like the Apex and Jerez 3 to require minimal break in and feel comfortable very quickly compared to other well-known brand’s sports full gauntlet gloves. Another nice feature that aids in comfort and dexterity is the stretch panel that is included in the middle of the palm. Many other race like features are included such as the hard TPU protection parts on the gauntlet, lower wrist, knuckles and the fingers. On the inside there is a hard TPU protection piece on the thumb as well as on the inside of the palm and a soft SEESOFT pad on the palm just underneath the thumb.

Touch screen compatibility is present in the index finger and works well on both Android and iPhone devices.

Overall the Control gloves from REV’IT! are in the upper side of the price range but you do get your money’s worth with the quality of materials, protection features and overall comfort and dexterity that they offer. If you are looking for a serious sport riding or track day glove this is a great place to look. :: Damir 2-24-24