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Spidi Carbo Track Evo Gloves


  • Warrior shields on external hand side
  • Palm padding
  • High resistance Keramide fabric palm support
  • PPE protective motorcycle gloves EN 13594: 2015 certified with Lev.1 knuckles protectors
  • Ergonomic silicone-based highly shock-absorbing material
  • Keramide reinforced back
  • Back of hand padding
  • Side of hand padding
  • CE: Protective motorcycle gear according to the (UE)2016/454 Regulation.
  • Knuckle dynamic kinematic protection
  • Declaration of conformity CE CODE: A203


  • Wristband adjustment and wrist closure
  • Glove s sleeve double fastening
  • Accordion


  • Cowhide, 0.8/ 0.9 mm thick, high fitting performance
  • Vented leather
  • Keramide reinforcements with high resistance to abrasion
  • Carbon parts
  • Superfabric® Textile, cut and intrusion top resistant
  • High resistant suede microfiber
  • Keprotec schoeller reinforcements with high resistance to abrasion
  • Elasticized fabric

Maintenance: Do not Wash – Do not bleach – Do not tumble dry – Line drying in the shade – Do not iron – Do not dry clean – Do not wring

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Sizing Information

We find Spidi gloves to fit similar to other European brands like Dainese, Alpinestars and REVIT, so if you know what size you wear in these brands, we advise you to choose the same size as you’ve worn before.

Just as an FYI, European brand gloves typically fit a bit more snug than US based brands such as Tour Master, FirstGear, Icon, etc. Even though this glove runs a bit more snug, it isn’t so much that we’d advise going up a size, but if you are at all between sizes, choose the larger.

Just a personal observation: For a given manufacturer, the more expensive and exotic the style, the more snugly they seem to fit, and this gove, being the most expensive race glove in Spidi’s lineup is no exception. They fit very close to the hand, but I predict, when broken in, will feel very nice, but for some, it may mean an exchange to the next size up.

If you have no idea what size you wear, please see the following Spidi glove size chart and hand measurement instructions to help you choose a size.

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Our Two Cents

If you rider sport or hit the track and have a fair chance of hitting the pavement going fast, consider buying a premium race glove like the Spidi Carbo Track Evo Gloves. These gloves feature MANY protective feature along with a snug fitting design to give excellent feel for your controls.

It amazes me just how many components go into the design and assembly of top level race gloves. There are MANY parts and pieces that all have to come together into a comfortable and functional design. And lets face it, gloves have to protect one of the most complex parts of your body, right?

The basic chassis of this glove is cowhide. The back of the hand has an internal liner of abrasive resistant fabric and the palm side is left unlined so you only have one pliable layer of leather between your fingers and the controls. The lower part of the hand gets two “sliders” which will protect you in case of a fall if your hands reach out in front of you and hit the pavement first. A “warrior” protector is fitted on the outside edge of the palm, which is a flexible plastic/rubber molded unit and near the center of the heel area of the hand is a “superfabric” slider. Superfabric has ceramic coated “dots” fused to the fabric surface that make a tough but slick surface that works well on glove parts like this. If your Superfabric covered gloves hit the pavement, you’ll slide rather than “catch” the pavement which is thought to reduce injuries from twisting.

The back side of the hand is covered with two main impact protectors… the main one over the knuckles, and a matching smaller unit further down on the back of the hand. And then are a few more smaller protectors on the backs of the middle two fingers. The side of the pinkie is reinforced with a couple pads of Superfabric.

Of course any good race gloves has a full gauntlet with good protection and a mechanism to adjust size. This glove has a double wrapping Velcro closure to get the right fit over your jacket or race suit sleeve. On the very back edge of the gauntlet is a thin rubber “gasket” that makes for a sharp transition over the leather of your jacket sleeve. It makes the glove look almost as if they are part of the sleeve when snugged down rather than just fitted over. It’s just a cosmetic thing, but for this kind of money, it’s welcome!

Choose from four sharp colors this year. Click through the photo gallery to see several angles of each color to get a good idea of which one suits you. :: Paul, 05-04-20

Spidi says: The Spidi Carbo Track EVO gloves are the new and improved version of the popular Carbo Track gloves, the EVO variant includes the EN 13594:2015 KP Lev.1 certification and a competition-spec gauntlet chassis. Carbo Track EVO have been crafted using a race-tested combination of premium cowhide leather and high-tenacity Keramide reinforcements, with Superfabric® details on the fingers, abrasion resistant suede microfiber and carbon fiber knuckles shields. The leather sections of the glove are perforated to keep the hands cool and dry, and the thick gauntlet wrist closure keeps the gloves firmly fastened without pinching or bunching. The back of the hand is reinforced with Keramide for additional safety, and Warrior Tech armor is used throughout to ensure the best possible protection.