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Held Chikara RR Gloves (7 Or 12 Only)


  • Side of hand has hard plastic protection
  • DuPont™ KEVLAR® fibre protection on back of hand (DuPont™ KEVLAR® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company)
  • Hard plastic knuckle protection
  • SuperFabric® reinforcement on fingers & edge of hand
  • Finger-bridge between ring finger & pinkie
  • Certified under norm EN 13594:2015 “protected glove for motorcyclists”


  • Visor wiper
  • Tunnel strap
  • Special leather at thumb and finger which allows smartphone operation
  • Special flat seam
  • Perforated leather back
  • Elasticated leather panels on back, thumb & fingers
  • Velcro adjustment at wrists & cuffs

Outer Shell

  • Highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather palm
  • Goat skin upper
  • Colourfast & sweat-proof
  • This item cannot be shipped to California due to the Kangaroo leather

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Sizing Information

Some Held gloves are sold in Held gloves sizes and some are sold in ordinary men’s “alpha” sizes (Small, Med, Large, etc). This model is sold in Held glove sizes. My advice is to choose a Held glove size using the table below based upon your previous experience with other alpha sized glove you may have owned.

For this particular style, I found the glove to be sized correctly as compared to European branded gloves such as Alpinestars and REVIT which tend to run more snug than US branded gloves. If you are between sizes, I’d suggest going with the larger.

You can also choose a size measuring your hand. Take this link for a full rundown on how to measure your hand and about Held glove sizing in general.

Held Glove Size Equivalent Alpha Size Actual Hand Measurement
7 Small 6.5” to 7”
8 Medium 7.5” to 8”
8.5 Medium 8” to 8.5”
9 Large 8.5” to 9”
9.5 Large 9” to 9.5”
10 XL 9.5” to 10”
11 XXL 10” to 11”
12 XXXL 11” to 12”

Our Two Cents

The Held Chikara RR Gloves can go with you to the track or on the street as well. There are MANY RR (race ready) features here including kangaroo hide palms.

I was curious about the name of this glove so I looked it up on Urban Dictionary. Here’s an entertaining one: Derived from Japanese chikara, meaning might; That crazy blond has a lot of chikara. And another: smart ass Japanese boy; yo, that smart ass over there is a chikara! Of course we all know product names are rarely descriptive of a product, but anyway, now you know!

This glove has nearly all the features you find in Held’s other race gloves, although I see a few things to help you if you want to use these on the street as well. Race features I like: large molded wrist armor with an angled shape to give coverage further up the outside of the forearm, molded knuckle protector with venting, Kevlar lining behind the leather on the top side of the hand, friction material in the palm to promote sliding and kangaroo palm leather, which is long recognized as being great for “feel” and also for abrasion resistance while being thin. This glove also has some extra protection for the extra-vulnerable pinkie finger. There is a leather “bridge” holding the pinkie to the ring finger and also there is an extra armor piece on the side. Most modern race gloves have extra things to keep that pinkie safe!

As for street rider features, I see a visor wiper on the left index finger and also both gloves have touch screen compatible leather in the index finger and thumb tips. Non-racers might also appreciate the less flashy black color glove.

The Chikara is a very protective and very high-quality glove from Held. We’ve been selling Held gloves for easily over a decade and really like them. They aren’t cheap, but cheap gloves aren’t what you want headed for the pavement at high speed, right? :: Paul, 01-03-19