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Held Air Stream 3.0 Gloves


  • Sports glove
  • Mesh fabric leather detailed back
  • Highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo* leather palm
  • Colourfast & sweat-proof
  • Held Armaprotect & COOLMAX┬« lined back
  • Unlined palm
  • Special step seam avoids pressure points on inner hand & enhances feel
  • Velcro adjustment at cuffs
  • Perforated finger panels & sidewalls of fingers in lightweight mesh
  • Perforated leather back
  • Perforated hand for maximum ventilation, feel and comfort
  • Visor wiper


  • Safety tested according to norm EN 13594:2015 “protected glove for motorcyclists”
  • Hard plastic knuckle protection
  • Knuckle protection tested (impact test for knuckle protection)
  • SuperFabric┬« reinforcement on fingers & edge of hand
  • Side of hand has hard plastic protection with leather covering
  • Reinforcement on little finger
  • Kangaroo Leather Items Are Not Eligible For Shipment To California

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Sizing Information

Held gloves are sold in glove sizes rather than the normal “alpha” sizes you are used to in the US. For complete information on selection and fit of Held gloves please go here: Held Glove Sizing

We find Held gloves to be very consistent for fit from one model to the next and this particular glove model is no exception. Choose the size you wear in Held, or use the sizing advice above to choose.

This glove is available in long and short finger versions (check our size drop down for selections). Short finger sizes have a finger length approx 1/4” shorter than the standard glove and likewise the long version is about 1/4” longer than standard. So now you have size choices if your fingers are longer or shorter than average!

Our Two Cents

The Held Air Stream 3.0 is a full gauntlet sport riding glove with summer-use friendly features you’ll love for hot weather riding.

This glove offers lots of venting. Take a look at the back of the hand and you can see those large patches of mesh material. The mesh material allows air to flow directly over the glove’s Coolmax interior liner. When I blow through the glove, I can feel air pass. The mesh material feels sturdy so you’ll maintain some abrasion resistance in those areas even though they’re well vented. The knuckle of the glove is covered in a molded plastic armor piece that is made to scoop air as well, which adds to the flow of air over the inner liner. The palm side of the glove features Kangaroo leather which is perforated. The palm side is unlined so you’ll get direct venting through the perforations.

In addition to the molded knuckle armor I mentioned above, this glove has Superfabric fitted in the palm area to act as a slider in case of a fall. There is also just a small patch fitted on the outside of the pinkie as well. The superfabric is very abrasion resistant, but also “slick” so it will promote sliding rather than grabbing if you ever hit the pavement. The gauntlet is fitted with a molded plastic armor unit on the outside of the wrist area. The gauntlet is adjustable to fit your jacket sleeve with a wide Velcro tab. I mentioned early on this is a street riding glove rather than a race glove. The glove is easy to wear and comfortable but lacks one key feature found on almost any track glove which is a positive closing strap at the wrist. This glove slips on which is convenient and comfortable for everyday street use, but wouldn’t be advisable for sport/track use without a wrist strap.

I really like this style overall. Not many full coverage gloves can be comfortable to wear in the summer, but this one will be. :: Paul, 10-27-20

Note: We are pleased to offer Held gloves in the US again beginning late 2020. Held is a manufacturer of a full line of motorcycle apparel that is based in Germany. We’ve sold held gloves on and off for more than a decade. Held gloves are top quality and are made with VERY high quality materials. We find the gloves to offer a consistent fit which brand loyal fans enjoy. Held returns to the US market after exiting in 2019 due to distribution issues. Welcome back Held!