Alpinestars GPX V2 Gloves ::

Alpinestars GP X V2 Gloves


  • Sport summer glove.
  • Outer seam palm construction for enhanced levels of rider comfort.
  • ‘In the sleeve’ construction maximizes comfort and feel, and allows the glove to be worn with any leather jacket.
  • Hard knuckle for superior resistance to repeated impacts.
  • Finger bridge on the third and fourth finger prevents finger roll and separation in the event of a slide.
  • Mix of perforated leather for superior performance.
  • Slip-in glove wrist safety closure for security.
  • Accordions on fingers and thumb to increase fit and direct comfort.
  • Thumb and palm reinforcement for a superior grip.
  • Cuff leather puller to easily get into the glove
  • Ergonomic stretch insert on palm and soft rubber padding on fingers for additional rider comfort.
  • Touchscreen compatible fingertips.
  • CE-certified (CAT II Level 1, KP).

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Sizing Information

Like most Alpinestars gloves, these gloves run a bit smaller than most glove brands we carry. If you are sometimes between sizes, then choose the larger of the two. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Like the new GP Pro R3 glove, the cut of the hand is a bit different on this glove as compared to past Alpinestars sport/race gloves. Overall, it fits a bit larger in the hand and the fingers are cut just a bit longer than others.

This glove has a cuff that fits close to the wrist. Those with average hands won’t have a problem with the cuff, but if you have meaty paws, you might have trouble slipping your hands through cuff, and so this glove might not be the best for you.

Our Two Cents

The GP X V2 gloves by Alpinestars are a variant of a sport race glove with a cuff that fits close to the wrist and is designed to go UNDER your jacket sleeve.

This glove has similar protective features to Alpinestar’s sport street gloves such as the SP-2 glove but with the unique cuff setup. If you’ve ever had trouble wearing a traditional full gauntlet sport/race glove with the jacket you like to wear, then this might be the thing for you.

The body of this glove is all leather. It has some venting features on the back that will flow some air, but not tons, so I think you’ll enjoy this glove in spring and fall and even some warmer months of summer, but in the hottest temps, they’ll get uncomfortable.

The hand part of the glove has the features you are used to vented/molded hard knuckle protector, positive-close wrist strap to secure the gloves on your hand, reinforcement in the heel of the hand and extra reinforcement on the side of the hand and pinkie. Speaking of the pinkie, this glove (like nearly all Alpinestars gloves) has a small leather piece that connects the pinkie and ring finger of each glove. This is a safety feature designed to add strength to the more fragile pinkie in case of a fall. Sort of like a splint helps protect an injured finger from damage by coupling it to the adjacent finger. Also present is touch screen compatible material on the index finger so street riders can work their phones with the gloves on.

I think this glove has a niche use and it might be the right one for you if you really want the feel, look and protective features found on a sport street glove, but really don’t like the full gauntlet. You’ll have to be patient with the cuff at first at least to stretch them out a bit so you can easily slip into them. Right out of the packaging, that cuff is kinda of a bear to pull on. :: Paul, 04-02-19

Alpinestars says: The CE-certified GP X v2 glove features a sport fit that offers high levels of comfort and protection. Featuring a special ‘in the sleeve’ construction for additional protection and comfort, abrasion resistant reinforcements, finger sliders, and knuckle protection, this glove is practical too; it comes equipped with a touchscreen compatible fingertip for use with GPS systems and smartphones.