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Alpinestars GP Pro R3 Gloves


  • Mix of cow, goat, and kangaroo (palm) leather for superior performance.
  • Double closure system for security.
  • Dynamic Friction Shield on the cuff for high levels of abrasion resistance.
  • Side reinforcements with palm hard slider for superior abrasion resistance.
  • Accordions in leather on fingers thumb and backhand to increase fit and direct comfort.
  • Aramidic lining on the backhand and landing zone for added protection.
  • Thumb and palm reinforcement for a superior grip.
  • TPU finger protection for superior protection against impacts.
  • Soft padding on fingertips and ergonomic stretch insert on palm for enhanced levels of rider comfort.
  • Pure racing glove utilizing innovative design features taken straight from the lessons learned from top-level competitive racing.
  • Outer seam palm construction for enhanced levels of rider comfort.
  • Long cuff for extended coverage.
  • Hard knuckle for superior resistance to repeated impacts.
  • Knuckle panel perforated gusset for improved levels of hand ventilation.
  • Finger bridge on the third and fourth finger prevents finger roll and separation in the event of a slide.
  • CE-certified (CAT II Level 2, KP).

NOTE Kangaroo leather items cannot ship to California

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Sizing Information

Like most Alpinestars gloves, these gloves run a bit smaller than most glove brands we carry. If you are sometimes between sizes, then choose the larger of the two. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

With is particular glove, It seems to fit just a tad larger than past Alpinestars glove, which makes it more closely comparable in size to other brands sold in the US. Also, it seems the finger length is more generous, so if you’ve had trouble with the fit of AS gloves in the past… particularly with regard to finger length, you might want to give this new version a try.

Our Two Cents

The Alpinestars GP Pro R3 glove is a newly revised version of the GP Pro series. The GP Pro has always been the “better” race glove in the Alpinestars lineup. It’s a fully featured race glove (more than just a styled-up sport glove), but one that is reasonably affordable. The new version has features to enhance comfort while holding the line on pricing (actually reducing the price by twenty bucks).

I mentioned how the fit of this glove feels more comfortable to me. It “seems” to fit larger than past race styles, but perhaps it is because of a few features built into this model that makes it feel better. One is the use of stretch material on the palm side between the thumb and hand. The stretch material helps with comfort but also vents air through which is always welcome. Another feature is the accordion stretch material on the backs of the fingers. The stretch panels are just past the knuckle protector which gives more room when you try to make a fist. There is also stretch material behind the knuckle protector which help the knuckle protector more room to fit over the knuckles when you make a fist.

The leather used in the palm is the same kangaroo material used in AS’s other high end race gloves. Kangaroo is widely regarded as the best leather material for race gloves because of its strength and its ability to resist decay from sweat and body oils. Cow and goat leather is used in other parts of the glove. The back side of the hand is lined with Kevlar material to improve the back-side abrasion resistance.

Other features of this glove are much the same as the previous design, and similar to those you’d find on other quality race gloves. One feature included that used to be an Alpinestars exclusive is the “finger bridge” between the ring finger and pinkie. Its purpose is to tie the pinkie to the ring finger to help prevent injury to the more fragile pinkie finger. It must be a good feature because I now see that same feature on several other brand’s gloves. (maybe their patent ran out??).

In the palm of the hand is a robust slider in the palm area which promotes sliding of the hand on pavement if you should fall. Sliding is better than having the glove “catch” on the rough surface which would more likely twist the hand and wrist. The side of the wrist and the knuckle are covered liberally in hard plastic protector pieces.

The GP Pro glove has always been a top notch glove and one that most can afford. With a slightly lower price and improved fit, I think this one is a winner! :: Paul, 04-1-19

Alpinestars says:* With enhanced ergonomic shaping and design details, the GP Pro R3 is anatomically engineered for performance, protection, and comfort. Tested on MotoGP and WSBK circuits around the world, the GP Pro R3 features Alpinestars exclusive Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) protectors with advanced airflow ventilation and aramidic reinforcement to ensure this glove is primed for superior trackday performance.