Alpinestars Denali Aerogel Drystar Gloves ::

Alpinestars Denali Aerogel Drystar Gloves

The Denali Aerogel Drystar® Glove delivers enhanced insulation performance thanks to its PrimaLoft® Gold Aerogel insulation panels that are strategically placed on all fingers, and this, combined with the engineered construction of the glove, ensures the rider’s hand stays warm, even in the coldest of environments.


  • The Denali Aerogel Drystar® Glove is constructed from a precise mix of materials combining stretch polyester material, softshell and Ripstop panels, with ARshield strategic reinforcements for optimized comfort, protection and weather protection.


  • Knuckle protection is provided by a molded viscoelastic impact protector that is highly flexible and soft for very high levels of comfort.

Key Features

  • Wet weather waterproof performance is guaranteed by Alpinestars Drystar® performance membrane that is 100 percent waterproof and breathable, and this membrane is attached precisely on the palm and fingers for enhanced sensitivity and dexterity with the bike’s controls.
  • Highest performance PrimaLoft® Gold Aerogel Insulation panels on fingers; PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel is the lightest solid material known to man and is composed of millions of air pockets that form a barrier, effectively blocking out the cold. PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel is proven to perform, even under pressure, and retains 97 percent of its original thermal performance over time.
  • PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel inserts on fingers to provide high insulation against wind-chill.
  • Viscoelastic knuckle delivers high levels of flexibility and protection against impacts.
  • According to European statutory law the CE mark is a conformity requirement for the marketing of this product. The following standards apply: Fully CE certified motorcycling product: CE Level 1 KP.

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Sizing Information

The fit of Alpinestars gloves are very consistent from one model to the next. And overall, they fit a bit small as compared to other brands we carry such as FirstGear, Tour Master, etc. It’s not enough to recommend that you buy a larger size (especially if a snug fit is preferred) but it is noticeable enough to say that if you are sometimes between sizes, then you should probably choose the larger of the two. Hopefully, you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based on the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

These Alpinestars Denali Aerogel Drystar Gloves are new for fall 2021. Alpinestars always pushes the boundaries of what to expect with their gear and these gloves move the goalposts even further out for other brands.

The key material in these gloves is the use of Aerogel. You can read what PrimaLoft® has to say about Aerogel here. In nutshell, Aerogel is cutting edge thermal barrier technology. In a larger nutshell, it is a highly porous material that is lighter than air that was developed by NASA to insulate against extreme temperatures. There are some pretty cool videos on Youtube of the stuff if you have time to go down that rabbit hole. Alpinestars has utilized this material in the fingers of the glove for a lightweight insulation.

Bottom line, these gloves should perform better than just about anything else on the market when it comes to insulation. Pair that with the Drystar liner and you have a glove that will get you into some pretty extreme weather.

These gloves have the usual features you would expect from an Alpinestars touring glove. The full gauntlet has dual hook and loop closures to get a snug fit at the wrist and allow the cuff to go over a jacket cuff. The palm has reinforced leather in the high wear areas and a padded slider in case you take a spill. The viscoelastic knuckle offers flexible protection. Touchscreen material on the index fingers and thumbs works well on both Apple and Android devices here at the shop.

Our only call out on these gloves is the material on the back of the hand, specifically the knuckles, is a thin fabric. The protective layers underneath this material should hold up fine in a crash, but this thin outer finishing layer shows a little wear on the knuckles just from shipping from the manufacturer to our office. It’s nothing too extreme, just be aware that the knuckles might have a slight discoloration when they are brand new.

These new Alpinestars Denali Aerogel Drystar gloves should work well for commuter or touring riders in cool to cold, dry to wet conditions. The Aerogel itself also insulates against heat, but when combined with the PrimaLoft® fibers it isn’t designed for hot weather. We love seeing new technology and innovation in riding gear so hopefully, this opens the door for future collaborations that use this material in new and interesting ways. :: Mike, 12-23-21