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REV'IT! Cassini H2O Gloves


  • Thinsulate G insulation features large air pockets to trap heat, allowing a garment to remain extremely warm for an extended period of time. The spacious air pockets also allow a garment to remain lightweight and quick to dry.
  • Fleece fabric wicks moisture away from the body, while offering a high level of insulation, providing warmth and dryness for riding in cold conditions.
  • Flocking is the process of adhering small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface. This process creates a texture that picks up water.
  • PWR shell twill stretch combines unique and sought-after functionalities: high melting point, tremendous tear and abrasion-resistance, and excellent durability into an all-inclusive knitted fabric. This is the stretch variant which provides maximal elasticized support. Additionally, this fabric is woven in twill. The unique weave features a diagonal parallel pattern, adding a stylish look and feel to the fabric.
  • Tanned leather made from goatskin is considered extremely durable, and is often used for gloves and other products that require a soft hide.
  • hydratex Z-liner with McFit technology


  • Never take off your gloves again to answer your phone or navigation system. The connect fingertip has been specifically designed to operate touch screens.
  • Short cuff
  • Tour fit

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We find that gloves from REV’IT! are generally very consistent in fit from one model to the next, and we find they run a bit on the snug side as compared to most US based brands. The fit is very similar to Alpinestars which also fit more snugly than other brands of gloves. The tendency to run small is not so noticeable that we’d advise you to buy one size larger, but if you are sometimes in between sizes, your best shot would be to choose larger. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

The Cassini H2O Glove from REVIT is new for the winter of 2020. This is a short cuff glove with waterproofing and light insulation. The overall design is lightweight and easy to wear and stow away. Perfect for “city” use.

I’m struck by how lightweight these gloves are even though the palm side is leather. The fabric used on the back of the hand is lighter weight and slightly stretchy. I’m looking at the “dark green” color, which actually looks great to me, and the fabric and leather combo looks sharp and kind of “dressy”. My overall take is that this glove would be ideal for lower speed “city” use where looks, comfort, and easy stowage are important. Heck, I’d wear these gloves off the bike too!

Even though these gloves are lightweight, they have many of the same protective features found in other REVIT gloves such as a molded knuckle protector and extra padding in the heel of the hand. A Velcro strap at the wrist keeps the gloves on your hand in case of a fall. A convenient touch for colder or wet weather is the “flocking” (their word) material on the side of the index finger and thumb which you can use to clear a wet shield (or dare I say a wet nose too??). The tip of the index finger and thumb are fitted with conductive material so you can operate a phone with the gloves on.

The gloves have an internal waterproof liner brand labeled McFit. The manufacturer of McFit products competes with a similar/competing brand GoreTex with their GoreGrip product. With both technologies, the waterproof liner is bonded to the glove’s outer material rather than being an extra layer which results in a more compact design with no slip between the layers and therefore better grip. Think of it as a “premium” version of garment waterproofing as compared to the standard version where the waterproof liner is simply an extra layer residing between the outer shell and inner lining. Generally speaking, we see products with GoreGrip carrying a bit more expensive price than those with McFit, but it’s unclear whether that difference exists because of material cost or benefit, but both are considered premium construction. :: Paul, 10-23-20

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