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REV'IT! Boxxer 2 H2O Gloves


  • The hook-and-loop adjustment strap at the wrist allows for optimum adjustability and fit when using our gloves. Find the ideal tightness and comfort every time it is used.
  • The material used on the index finger of the glove has a visor wipe function. It helps clear water or moisture off the visor for better visibility when riding in wet weather.
  • Knitted cuffs
  • Stretch lips
  • City fit


  • PWR shield is created with a unique knit technique which results in a fabric with unsurpassed cut, tear and abrasion resistance levels. This product is equipped with PWR shield at the palm.
  • EVA is one of the materials popularly known as ‘expanded rubber’ or ‘foam rubber’. EVA is used as a shock absorber in many REV’IT! products.
  • The protective hard-shell knuckle features a goatskin covering to create a smooth look.
  • Fiberfill consists of 100% polyester and offers excellent insulation. Fiberfill is light so it does not weigh down garments. It is resistant to moisture and it will actually shed water rather than absorb it. Fiberfill is a manmade material and therefore anti-allergic and easy to care for.
  • A waterproof layer is laminated onto a carrier to construct the REV’IT! hydratex Z-liner membrane. The carrier, in turn, protects the membrane against wear-and-tear damage, and the seams of the membrane are taped to ensure waterproofing. The Z- liner is constructed between the lining and the outer shell. The REV’IT! hydratex Z-liner membrane is used in garments that demand a high level of all-weather protection.

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We find that gloves from REV’IT! are generally very consistent in fit from one model to the next, and we find they run a bit on the snug side as compared to most US based brands. The fit is very similar to Alpinestars which also fit more snugly than other brands of gloves. The tendency to run small is not so noticeable that we’d advise you to buy one size larger, but if you are sometimes in between sizes, your best shot would be to choose larger. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

The Boxxer 2 H2O Gloves by REVIT are a new addition to their lineup for the winter of 2020. This design is all-leather with a short knitted cuff at the wrist and integrated waterproofing and insulation.

Of the crop of new REVIT gloves this fall, this Boxxer 2 H2O compares very closely with the Kryptonite 2 GTX model. Both models share many features, but the main distinction is that the Kryptonite uses a premium GoreTex/GoreGrip technology for waterproofing where the Boxxer uses a more traditional waterproof lining technology called REV’IT! hydratex Z-liner. This glove with REVIT’s “house brand” of waterproofing shaves about 1/3 of the glove’s price as compared to the GoreTex version (see the Kryptonite product page for the pitch on GoreTex/GoreGrip).

Nearly any type of jacket sleeve will work well with this design since the cuff is knitted and fits close to your wrist. Not only will it work well with your jacket, but the close-fit cuff will also effectively keep out drafts too. Notice the little patch of leather on the bottom side of the cuff. You grip that when pulling them on and you won’t stretch out the fabric! Neat touch.

I’d characterize the insulation level as moderate. These gloves will be good for mild to colder days, but maybe not for the coldest days of the winter. Both the palm and back of the hand of this glove is leather, which feels great. A convenient touch for colder or wet weather is the “flocking” (their word) material on the side of the index finger and thumb which you can use to clear a wet shield (or dare I say a wet nose too??). The tip of the index finger and thumb are fitted with conductive material so you can operate a phone with the gloves on.

For motorcycling protection, the Boxxer 2 H2O has the usual substantial molded protector over the knuckles and then there are some little rectangles of energy absorbing foam built in over the fingers and in the palm area of the hand. And to keep the gloves safely on your hand in case of a fall, there is a sturdy Velcro-close strap at the wrist. Overall it is a nice protection package given the gloves lack of bulk.

I’d recommend this glove for value and for the look and feel of the all leather construction. If you ride frequently in wet and damp conditions, then the upgrade to a GoreTex glove like the Kryptonite would be best, and also the fabric on the back of the hand Kryptonite may fare better for frequent exposure to moisture. But if waterproofing performance isn’t your main concern then I think you’ll like the looks, feel and especially the price of this one. :: Paul, 10-23-20