Joe Rocket Outrigger Gloves ::

Joe Rocket Outrigger Gloves


  • Premium drum dyed Hairsheep leather
  • Fully bonded Waterproof / Breathable insert
  • Primaloft® 133 grams ( 4 oz.) Insulation
  • Flex-wrist for comfort
  • Metal heavy duty zipper closure
  • Embroidered logo application

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Sizing Information

These gloves are consistent with the major brands we carry, so hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

These new Outrigger gloves are built with features that make them feel “premium” as compared to entry level gloves.

The shell of the glove is made of hairsheep leather. WHHAAT? According to Wikipedia: Hairsheep leather is finer and less bulky than other leathers. Its major benefits are softness of touch, suppleness, strength, and lasting comfort. It is very durable and is particularly suited for the manufacture of dress gloves. The leather in these gloves DOES feel like dress gloves with that butter soft feel to them.

The insulation is Primaloft which is an insulating fiber with more fine fibers than the standard stuff. So they feel puffy and warm without you being able to feel the insulation fibers inside. The overall thickness is moderate and they should be warm. The gloves do have a waterproof liner. In a glove with such fine leather, I really wouldn’t recommend them for frequent use in the rain though. But waterproof liner will serve as a wind-block layer if nothing else.

One complaint here… there isn’t a strap to secure the glove on your hand, so even with the zipper on the cuff closed, they’ll come right off. Some might find that handy, but if you find yourself in an accident, it will not be ideal. But the overall price is great and if that is not a concern, then I think you’ll find very good value here. :: Paul, 10-09-18

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Chris V.
Location: California

The Outrigger feels soft, like a high quality general winter leather glove, but with the armored features of a motorcycle glove. The knuckle protectors are pliable and not hard, and do not dig into your hands. The insulation is fairly thick, but does not impede hand movements to control turn signals and switchgear. (Read more...)