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Klim Glove Liner 1.0

The KLIM® Glove Liner 1.0 features a unique blend of hyper-wicking fabrics to aggressively move moisture away from your skin for increased comfort and decreased conductive heat loss. Includes e-touch fingertip function allowing use of capacitive touch screens while being worn. Compatible with all standard-sized KLIM® gloves.

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Sizing Information

We advise you to choose the same size glove liner as you wear in gloves. These liners have some stretch and fit very close to the hand, to make it easy to wear along with your existing gloves.

Our Two Cents

Klim currently makes three “levels” of glove liners… the 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The numbers refer to the overall thickness/warmth of the liners rather than being revision numbers.

All three versions are slim fitting and stretchy, so getting a fit shouldn’t be a problem. We advise you to order the size you wear in gloves. All three versions have conductive materials in the tip of the index finger and thumb so you will still have the ability to manipulate your technology with your gloves on (provided your outer glove has the capability).

Please take the links below to view the different thicknesses. Here’s my take on how they feel:

Glove Liner 1.0: This is a one-layer liner made of a thin stretchy material. It will be equivalent to a silk glove liner. This make any glove more comfortable and it will keep your hands clean in case you are wearing an unlined dyed leather glove. These will add only limited warmth, but conversely, they won’t make glove much hotter in warmer weather.

Glove Liner 2.0: These gloves are a thicker knit fleece. They’ll fit easily under gloves, and because they are thicker, will have some insulation value. They’ll add comfort and warmth to gloves. Similar to fleece liners in other brands.

Glove Liner 3.0: This glove has just a touch more thickness than the 2.0 version, but it is a two layer design and the outer layer is windproof. These gloves will add a layer of warmth AND block wind. These gloves would greatly help with the warmth of gloves that don’t already have a waterproof/windproof layer such as leather gloves. They are a little thicker, so they might not fit well under gloves that are already tight, but in trying them on under other cool/cold weather gloves (that typically don’t have a tight fit), they work fine).

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