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Spidi Bolide Jackets (46 Only)

The Spidi Bolide is a motorcycle jacket for sportbike riders who want the best possible protection options without wearing a full leather race suit. The Bolide is a CE prEN 17092-2:2017 Class AAA certified jacket with external Warrior shields on the shoulders and elbows, removable internal Warrior Lite Protectors (EN 1621-1 Level 1) in the shoulders, and Force-Tech protectors (EN 1621-1:2012) in the elbows. For additional protection there is an internal arrangement for either a level 1 or 2 Warrior back protector, and a Warrior chest protector, both sold separately. The primary chassis of the Spidi Bolide is 1.1 to 1.2 mm thick cowhide leather with high-tenacity elastic Flex Tenax Nylon 6.6 flex sections. Both a zip and clips are provided for attaching pants, and there’s an adjustable waist fastening to ensure a perfectly tailored fit.

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Sizing Information

We measured a selection of these jackets and also tried them on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey to see how they fit. Huey is wearing a Euro 54 and Dewey is in a 58 which both look great.

This product is sold in European sizes. As a general rule, the US chest size in inches is equivalent to roughly 10 points less than the European jacket size. Example: a 56 Euro jacket is similar to a size 46/XL men’s US size. This jacket runs a bit more snug than that, so I estimate the equivalent US chest size is about 11 points less than the Euro size (about 1/2 size smaller than usual). I’d suggest you measure yourself with a tape and get your chest size and belly size, then use the size chart below to pick the smallest size jacket that will be big enough for both your chest and belly. Approximate US alpha sizes are also listed in the chart so you can check if the jacket size you choose is the same alpha size as you normally wear in men’s clothing.

The overall cut of this jacket is “sport” so it is made to fit snug to the body. The difference between the max chest and max belly is about 3” which isn’t as tightly fitting as a true race jacket or race suit which tapers more like 4” to 6” from chest to belly, so it is cut to be more accommodating for everyday street use and will be more forgiving and will fit a wider range of body types.

Sizing tips for upgrading armor: If you plan to add a back protector add 1” to your measured chest/belly size before using the size chart. Likewise add another 1” if you plan to add a chest protector.

Euro Size Max Chest (inches) Max Belly (inches) Approx US Alpha Size
46 37 34 XS
48 39 36 Small -
50 41 38 Small+
52 42 39 Medium
54 43 40 Large
56 45 43 Large +
58 47 44 XL

Below is the link to Spidi’s generic sizing information for additional reference:

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Bolide jacket is Spidi’s premium sport/race leather jacket for both street or track use (with the addition of race pants). This jacket is offered in two versions… a solid leather jacket and also a peforated jacket, but both versions share all the features discussed below. The solid leather jacket is sold on this product page so if you live in a warmer climate and would prefer the perforrated version, take the link below to view the Bolide Perforated Jacket product page. Four colors are avaiable along with a variety of back and chest protection options.

The Bolide jacket is a great choice for a sport/street rider who wants the kind of protection only found in leather race gear, but in a package that is practical for everyday use. The sizing and fit of this jacket is trim (see our sizing discusion), but it has creature comforts you’ll need every day such as pockets inside and out which race gear lacks. You can use the all-around zipper to attach to Spidi track pants if you want complete body coverage for agressive street riding or track days. This is one of the few jacket suitable for street use that includes external armor along with the traditional inside armor inserts. It even has replacable elbow sliders. The shoulders and elbows are fitted with molded elbow and shoulder armor inside (Spidi’s Warrior type) and then the shoulders and elbows also have external armor pieces as well. The external armor is permanently fitted on the shoulders and a removable combination slider impact protector is attached to the elbows with Velcro. The full package is pretty robust and all comes standard with the jacket.

Back and chest protection is optional. Spidi supplies Velcro strips on the liner in back to secure the back protector in place. Any of their back protectors will work in the jacket. Click through the links at the bottom of this page for info about the options. Given the robust nature of the shoulder and elbows setup, I’d recommend the Warrior Level 2. Likewise, you can also add chest protection. There are a couple snaps to engage the mating snaps of the optional chest protector. The chest protector is a one piece unit that spans both sides of the main zipper, so it isn’t efforless to use, but it sure looks sturdy as compared to the usual two peice chest protection setup. Again, check the link below to buy.

I think this jacket is one of the few we sell with a COMPLETE armor setup including external armor, but with a cut and features that make it usable every day. :: Paul, 07-20-20

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