Joe Rocket Blaster 2.0 Perforated Leather Pants ::

Joe Rocket Blaster 2.0 Perforated Leather Pants

  • 1.2mm to 1.4mm Cowhide
  • C.E. rated knee protectors
  • High density padding on hips
  • Full Flex leg stretch panels
  • Pre-curved legs
  • Adjustable waistband
  • 360° plus 8” zipper for jacket attachment
  • Hook and loop knee panels for optional knee sliders

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Sizing Information

Choose the pants based upon your waist size. The waist band has Velcro tabs on each size of the pant which allows them some flexibility in fit—mostly toward fitting larger than fitting smaller than stated, so they’ll work pretty well even if you have a bit of a belly. Inseam measurements are given below. Keep in mind that sport pants like this only go to the top of the foot, so add about 1 1/2” to compare to the inseam you normally buy in jeans.

Size Inseam
30 30 7/8”
32 31 1/4”
34 31 5/8”
36 32”
38 32 3/8”
40 32 3/4”
42 33 1/8”

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

These pants are great for street riding and for track use too. They have a great waist band design—finally a closure at the waist that won’t pop open! It’s a combination of a fly zipper, a fly zipper cover with Velcro closure and a sturdy snap-type buckle in front. The waist band has some stretch built in which makes them comfortable to wear and they also have side Velcro adjustment tabs (see my comments above about fit). The pants are zippered at the ankle with the idea you’d tuck them into sport or racing boots. The pants have both short rear zippers and full circumference zippers for attachment to Joe Rocket jackets (those with zippers anyway). With the pants, you also get the mating half of those attachment zippers, which helps if you plan to adapt the pants to a non-Joe Rocket jacket. Putting a zipper into a jacket is generally no big deal for a tailor when you already have the correct zipper for them to install. The armor in the pants consists of two foam pads for the hips and a set of rubberized “turtle shell” type armor in the knees (take the View Larger Pictures” link above to see close-ups). This should be fine for most folks, but if you want an upgrade, consider “GP-type” armor as an upgrade. We also carry sliders which can be attached to the knees of the pants since they come with Velcro patches. See the links below to view those accessories. The perforated pants are designed for hot to mild weather where the solid version of these pants are for mild to cold weather use.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Matt C.
Location: California

I have worn these pants on 5+ rides now in different weather conditions. They have been great in the cooler and warmer weather, allowing for great airflow. has the sizing down on these - ordered same as my waist size and they fi... (Read more...)

From: Chris W.
Location: Wisconsin

Joe Rocket Blaster 2.0 Perforated Pants, these pants are great, very comfortable even in the 90+ degree days. I found out first hand how well they hold up if you go down, they saved my butt big time. Attached is the picture of the butt of the Blas... (Read more...)

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