Answer Apex Kidney Belt ::

Answer Apex Kidney Belt

Kidney belts were everywhere when Answer first hit the tracks in 1976. They fell out of fashion for a while but we’ve made them better and we’re bringing them back big with our all-new for 2021 Apex Kidney Belt. Smart foam reinforced by TPR gives support and protection to your lower back. The belt’s mesh bio-foam is infused with air channels for increased breathability. If you’re looking to pull more back-to-back riding days, or just want to feel stronger after the weekend is behind you, give the new Apex Kidney Belt a try and see how much better today’s belts can feel, protect and support.

  • Impact-absorbing smart foam reinforced by rigid, but movable TPR
  • Elastic closure with velcro attachments for precise fit and superior support
  • Mesh bio-foam with air channels for increased breathability.

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