REV'IT! Seesmart Protectors ::

REV'IT! Seesmart Protectors

  • Offers the highest level of flexibility while passing the EN1621-1:2012 CE-Level 1 impact tests
  • High temperature tolerant
  • Highly ventilated
  • Lightweight

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Our Price:
$23.99 - $29.99

Sizing Information

REVIT doesn’t provide a cross reference for which armor fits each specific garment in their line, but we have listed the size of each choice and its general intended use to help you choose. If you already have a garment with pockets in front of you, use the dimensions listed below and the pictures of each in the photo gallery to choose the best one for your pocket(s) based upon the size and shape.

The RV31 would be my first choice for an elbow, shoulder or knee application since it has a pre-cupped shape, but it would not be appropriate for a hip… those need a more flat design like with the other three choices. The flat designs can also work for elbows/shoulders or knees if the RV 31 seems to small. If you buy armor that is a bit too big for your pocket, it is easily trimmed with scissors, so when in doubt, buy the larger.

  • Seesmart Shoulder/Elbow/Knee/Hip Protectors RV30 – 6.3 inches wide and 10.2 inches long
  • Seesmart Shoulder/Elbow/Knee Protectors RV31 – 5.5 inches wide and 8.6 inches long
  • Seesmart Elbow/Hip Protector RV32 – 5.2 inches wide and 10.4 inches long
  • Seesmart Hip Protectors RV33 – 4.4 inches wide and 7.6 inches long
  • Seesmart Shoulder/Elbow Protectors RV34 – 5.5 inches wide and 8.6 inches long
  • Seesmart Elbow/Knee Protectors RV36 – 6 inches wide and 11 inches long

Our Two Cents

This new type of armor from REVIT is VERY pliable and thin enough to fit comfortably in the hip area of pants. It is also flat which is good for hips. Other types of armor that are pre-formed in a cup shape are what you want if you are looking for something for elbows or shoulders.