Alpinestars Nucleon KR-H Hip Protectors ::

Alpinestars Nucleon KR-H Hip Protectors

  • Ergonomically profiled and engineered for freedom of movement
  • Designed to fit under leather racing suits and select pant models
  • Constructed from high-energy absorbing viscoelastic PU memory foam compound that is lightweight and perforated for comfort
  • KR-H version CE certified to latest EN 1621_1: 2012 (level 1)

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Sizing Information

These hip protectors come in two sizes:

Size Small: Recommended for women’s gear

Size Large: Recommended for men’s gear

The hip armor is supplied with cloth pockets which you can use if you plan to install the armor in Alpinestars jeans.

Our Two Cents

This hip armor is sold in pairs… you get two hip pieces when you buy one unit.

Alpinestars offers two versions on hip armor for newer style pants. The pants with Velcro installed in the hip area generally come equipped with thin, simple foam hip pads. You can discard those foam pieces and buy these CE rated hip armor peices as an upgrade to the protection of the pants.

There are two versions offered. There is the HR-H which is CE level 1, and there is the KR-HR which is CE level 2. Both sets have approximately the same shape and size. The level 2 peices are thicker and have a small plastic protector molded into one side. Just to you give you an idea, the level 1 units are about 3/8” thick and the level 2 units are about 5/8” thick.

My recommendation would be to use the level one units in textile and mesh pants for general street use and use the level 2 units for race suits and race pants for aggressive street riding and racing. The fixing points on the armor for the Velcro are in the same locations so either version will fit in any garment with the Velcro, so you could choose either, but the level 2 pieces are thicker, heavier and less flexible and may be too much for comfort on the street.

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