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Alpinestars Nucleon KR-Cell Back Protector

A light and flexible back protector that fits seamlessly under an outer garment, the Nucleon KR-Cell Protector offers excellent protection thanks to its innovative protective panels that incorporate an ergonomic design that follows the contour of the rider’s back. The Nucleon range of road protection includes a great anatomical fit and comfort. Made with innovative protective plates that are lightweight and incorporate a blend of high performance polymers for protection.


  • Back plate of new structure made in a mixture of high performance polymer materials for optimum flexibility and excellent weight savings.
  • The outer layers are highly perforated for maximum breathability and ventilation.
  • Compatible with the Nucleon KR protector.
  • Compatible with the Nucleon KR-TB protector.
  • CE Level 1

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Our Price:

Sizing Information

These back protectors are sold by your body height and here are the recommendations from Alpinestars:

Product Size Height Range
XS 5’4 1/2” – 5’6 1/2”
S 5’6 1/2” – 5’7 1/2”
M 5’7 1/2” – 5’10”
L 5’10” – 6’
XL 6’ – 6’3”

Overall height varies by size, but just to give you the idea, you can click the “View Larges Images” link above to see our custom pics. Those photos were taken with the size medium back protector and our model is 6’0”.

Our Two Cents

The KR-Cell back protector is a “stand alone” unit, meaning it has a waist strap and shoulder straps to hold it on your body without any connection to a jacket or suit. It is the lightest weight of the current selection of Alpinestars back protectors like this and is rated CE Level 1 protection.

This model has a flexible “3D” foam pad on the side that rests against your shirt which should be comfortable and allow a lot of air flow. The protective capability is provided by a molded honeycomb piece over that (the part you see in the photos). The honeycomb piece is much lighter than it looks.

I can see riders choosing this back protector for use under garments that don’t have a pocket for a back pad or have a minimal/unrated back pad. This one could comfortably be worn for every day street use because is is lighter and more “breezy” against the skin as compared to the CE Level 2 back pads which would appeal more to racers and sport riders who want more serious protection.

Accessories: You can beef up the protection of this back protector by adding either a Nucleon Chest Protector Harness and/or a Tailbone Protector (see those links below). :: Paul, 11-13-17

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