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Dainese Pro-Armor G Back Protector (G1 Only)

Made of flexible, stretchable expanded nitrile rubber, the CE -certified Pro-Armor G2 features a perforated structure and a functional pattern that make it extremely comfortable.








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Sizing Information

The two size choices for this back protector are G1 and G2. The letter/number has nothing to do with the protection or thickness, only the height and width. These back protectors are made it fit in jackets with a pocket for an optional back protector. Use the table below to choose a size for your Dainese jacket.

For those that want to use this back protector in a non Dainese jacket, the table includes the mesured height and width.

Back Protector Size Fits These Dainese Jackets Measured Height Measured Width
G1 All womens and mens sizes up to Euro 48 15 3/4” 8 1/2”
G2 All mens size Euro 50 and larger 17 1/2” 9 1/4”

The thickness of either back pad is about 3/4” and the shape tapers down toward the edges.

Our Two Cents

Here is an overview of the three types of back protectors currently offered by Dainese to work with Dainese jacket equipped with a pocket for an optional back protector. Please visit each back protector product page to see specific sizing information. The description here is to help you know the general differences in the three styles:

The Pro-Armor G back protector: This is a CE level 2 back protector. It is made of a semi rigid rubber material that is formed into a lattice type structure to absorb impact. A back protector like this is the most common type offered today and has the advantage of moderate weight and due to the lattice structure, it breathes really well. These back protectors are VERY flexible. Although the rubber compounds vary, this one is similar to the Alpinestars Nucleon and the D3O (although the D3O is more of a homogeneous “squishy” feeling material).

The Manis D1 back protector: The Manis is also a CE Level 2 back protector and it is approximately the same size and width. The construction is more traditional with hard plastic plates over an energy absorbing foam backing. The rigid platitudes are held together with elasticized material so the overall back protector will flex with your body. Some people prefer a “hard shell” design like this as it ill be more protective of an impact in a very localized area (picture falling on a rock or a bike part). The hard shell will act to disperse the energy of an impact over a wider area. Many back protectors make to wear under race suits will have a similar construction to the Manis.

Wave D1 Back Protector: The Wave D1 is an older design whose overall construction is much like the Manis (hard shell over energy absorbing backing), but with a less elaborate setup for flexibility. It is the lightest of the three and is a bit shorter. Its overall profile is teardrop shaped so it isn’t as wide between the shoulder blades. The Wave absorbs energy with an internal “crush-able” lattice material, so if you have a serious impact, you’ll need to replace this back protector. This unit is noticeably lighter than the other two styles. .

More current Dainese jackets will have a back protector pocket that is really a “pocket inside a pocket” design so the pocket will accommodate either the Pro-Armor/Manis shape or the Wave D1 shape. Older Dainese jackets (that don’t have the dual pocket setup) are made to fit the Wave D1. If you have older jacket you’ll only have one choice for fit, but the newer jacket could take any of the three. :: Paul, 07-20-18

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Brian J.
Location: Ohio

Dainese Back Protector in Dainese Nexus Jacket. Great protection; easy install; confidence inspiring, though it's not an air bag vest. By the way, since I have an ICD surgically implanted (Combination pacemaker/defibrillator) my doctors will not... (Read more...)

From: Brian J.
Location: Ohio

Back Protector; Nexus Jacket. great product; easy install and great protection. Brian J

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