Brian J. from Ohio

January 19, 2023
Dainese Back Protector in Dainese Nexus Jacket. Great protection; easy install; confidence inspiring, though it's not an air bag vest. By the way, since I have an ICD surgically implanted (Combination pacemaker/defibrillator) my doctors will not sign off on an airbag vest. For one, the magnet of The ASTARS Tech Air 5, which is the model was researching, sits too close to the ICD and will render it inoperable (so will a cell phone kept in a chest pocket); and the violent activation of the vest might damage the ICD. When I called my ICD Company, Boston Scientific, they said that I was the second call of the week regarding that specific air bag vest and an ICD. Who knew? ; - ) And yes, in case you're wondering, you are safe to ride if you have an ICD. Obviously, you need to wear your gear, too. I'm not a doctor, and I haven't even played one on TV. Everything I've read (lots of research on this) and my surgeon OK'd it. But as always, do your own research. Technology is always improving ; - ), and by all means consult your own doctors. Every person and medical situation is different. Do what you and your own medical team decide what's best for you. Boy, that turned into a long Back Protector review ; - ) Brian J

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