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Hit-Air MLV-YC Hi-Vis Vest

The MLV models are the original air bag all-in-one “harness type” system. This model type is perfect vest for daily riding or track use. With comfort and safety in mind, the MLV models offers lightweight comprehensive protection with airbags for your neck, back, ribs, and tailbone. The airbag is placed behind the key box and CO2 canister to ensure your ribs remain protected.

New vests come with:
  • (1) CO2 60cc Canister
  • Tool Kit and Directions
  • (1) Buckle Type Coiled Wire Tether
  • The MLV-YC features include bright yellow all over material with one inch silver reflective strips along the chest, hips, and back of the neck, and ribs, and velcro attachment points for additional padding.

These vests ship directly from Hit-Air North America and typically have about a 2 day lead time, though sometimes they can take up to one week to ship

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Our Price:

Sizing Information

Fits S-XL
Fits XL-3XL
Hight 5’3” – 6’3” 5’9” – 6’6”
Chest 34”- 45” 42”- 49”
Waist 28”- 35.5” 35.5”- 43”
  • Measurements should be taken over all gear you plan to wear underneath the vest
  • Manufacturer’s size chart does not guarantee fit

Our Two Cents

The Hit-Air MLV-C, MLV-YC, MLV-P, and MLV-RC vests are all basically the same chassis with different color and reflective fabric options. All 3 let you add air bag technology to your existing riding gear package. Hit-Air’s website is a great resource for technical information and to answer a wide range of FAQ’s you may have, so we encourage you to explore the information on their site. But buy it from us!! :)

The MLV-C is the traditional vest in multiple different color options, the MLV-YC is the same vest in a hi-vis yellow colorway that makes you easy to see any time of day, and the MLV-RC is the same vest chassis in all black but with built in LUMIDEX material on most of the vest surface. This LUMIDEX material is EXTREMELY reflective, when light hits the threads it really lights up! If visibility is a concern for you the YC is ideal for daytime riding and the RC is the best for nighttime rides, both are effective day or night but these are the rides they would offer the most visibility on. The P variant stands for Patrol and it has wider police like reflective strips along the front, back, and sides.

Hit-Air has another model, the MLV2 that offers much of the same options but with a lightweight solid canister compartment vs a fabric compartment on the original MLV. The MLV2 also makes more use of the LUMIDEX fabric for reflectivity on most colorways except the Hi-Vis yellow of the YC. There is also a new style option on the MLV2: the H which does not have reflective strips at all.

We think the Hit-Air technology is a great upgrade option for motorcyclists of any type. Here are the advantages we see:

  • The vests offer easy adaptability to all our existing riding gear. You just wear the vest OVER your gear.
  • The operation and maintenance of the vest is straightforward so anybody can understand how it all works. And being a mechanically triggered device, it has inherent reliability.
  • The vest can deploy more than once without having to return the vest to the factory for servicing (see details on Hit-Air’s website).
  • Replacement cartridges are inexpensive.
  • The vests are well made with robust materials and should last a long time.
  • The vests have snapped expansions so they aren’t as bulky as some of the other options in the airbag vest realm
  • Warranty service is available directly from Hit-Air in the US.
  • Last but most important… ITS AN AIRBAG FOR YOUR BODY!!!
  • The Hit-Air vest systems are lightweight, the size large in the MLV-YC weighs in at about 2lbs 14oz and that is with the 7oz CO2 cartridge installed.

Here are a few “cons” to consider:

  • Wearing the vest over your gear may impede access to pockets and air venting of your jacket
  • The vest OVER riding gear makes for a pretty elaborate looking ensemble (think special forces)
  • You have to remember to connect the lanyard each time you mount up!

In my opinion anything that ups my chances of walking away from a crash is worth it (check out those medical deductibles these days!). It certainly will also be some comfort to a rider’s friends and family. And surely an easy sell to those with whom you share a budget. :: Mike, 08/08/2022

PS: If the first two cons for the vest listed above give you pause, consider one of Hit-Air’s jackets that integrate the air bag parts within the jacket .

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