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Helite Mo'Cycle Regular Fit Black Airbag Jeans

  • The invisible Airbag covers the spinal column’s first bone, the tailbone! The Mo’cycle® Airbag jeans is a revolutionary piece of riding gear as spinal column injuries tend to become permanent. If the unthinkable accident happens, the airbag will inflate and protect the lower body, including thighs and coccyx. The Mo’cycle® Airbag jeans is a modern fashion-tech product where advanced technology and fashion comes together to deliver ‘safety first’.
  • Wearing the Mo’cycle® Airbag jeans, you won’t feel the airbag structure at all, as it’s flat, soft and flexible. So, it will not bother you or impact the riding – just make it safer! The jeans are comfortable and available in different styles, sizes and colors. All with a seamless riding experience in mind. This is your opportunity to be a pioneer and ride Airbag protected this summer! Get them for yourself, your family and loved ones.
  • From Stanford University shows that airbags are 6X more effective when absorbing impact hits compared to regular foam protection. The Airbag Jeans are designed to cover the hip, tailbone and thighs in the event of an accident.
  • One Airbag – Multiple Designs. You can swap to different styles and keep the same Airbag, as the Airbag fits all Mo’cycle® Jeans. You can also get a black pair, higher CE level or why not a new wash that suits your wardrobe? In our world, innovation, design and sustainability are important values. That’s why you can machine wash the Mo’cycle® Jeans by removing the Airbag. Maybe they even become your favorite pair in your wardrobe? No problem, just remove the airbag when you go out!

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Sizing Information

I measured a selection of these pants and found the waist to run about 1 1/2” – 2” larger than the stated size and the inseam to run true to the stated size. The waist variance is not a big deal because most jeans are “vanity” sized to some degree. So my primary advice would be to buy the waist size you normally wear in jeans; you’ll likely find a fit.

Icon’s published chart:

Stated Size Measured Max Waist (inches)
28 30
30 32
32 34
34 36
36 38
38 40
40 42
42 44
44 46

Need help measuring? Get it here.

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Our Two Cents

The Helite Mo’Cycle Airbag jeans are a new frontier in airbag apparel. Helite has partnered with Mo’Cycle to bring their tethered airbag technology below the waist.

Let’s start with the fit, these jeans are vanity sized like your typical casual jeans, so ordering the size you typically wear should find a comfortable fit for most riders. There are two options, a relaxed fit and a regular fit. The relaxed fit is wider throughout the rise and down the leg while the regualr fit is tighter through the rise and more of a straight or slight tapered leg. The fly on both styles is a full button fly, 4 buttons with NO zipper.

The pants have a removable airbag “bladder” that zips in/out at the waist. This set up also has the knee armor pockets attached to it, so all the protection is in one insert that you can remove if you desire. The knee armor that comes standard is Knox Micro-Lock CE Level 1. The CO2 cannister lives on the right hip and the tether feeds through the outer seam. The outer seam itself is a mix of snaps and hook and loop closures that allow the jeans to expand as the airbag deploys. Abbrasion resistance is provided by interwoven Polyamide Nylon thread alongside elastomultiester, cotton, and elastane. The incorporation of elastane gives these pants a two way (side to side, not top to bottom) stretch for added comfort.

The jeans have a classic 5 pocket design with two rear pockets, two hand pockets, and one coin/key pocket on the right side. The Helite Mo’Cycle jeans have belt looks so you can adjust the fit with any belt you choose.

Overall these jeans will be great for riders looking for a casual appearance and great protection. The easily removable airbag bladder and armor mean these jeans will work for commuters who can take a minute to remove the protection and go on about their workday in casual jean style comfort. The single layer jean construction means all the abbrasion resistance is built into the outer shell so there are no bulky/hot/scratchy interior linings to worry about here. :: Mike, 07-29-2023

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